Can I add 5s to a Playbar for Music listening?

  • 5 January 2019
  • 12 replies

The Playbar does not provide a wide range of sound for music. I have 3s in the rear. If I add a set of 5s to the front is that a sound that is acceptable? I know that it will not create 7.1 surround, but will it create a decent sound coupled with the Playbar? It sounds OK to me but I am not an expert.

12 replies

What does an "expert" opinion matter. If it sounds good to you, that should be more than enough.

If it were me, I'd be tempted to just use the PLAY:5s for music without adding in the PLAYBAR.
But turn the playbar off I assume.
Well, to have the PLAYBAR on at the same time, you'd have to "group" the two rooms. I'd just play the "room" with the two PLAY:5s.
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Hi all

First off as I understand it Sonos as yet don’t support 7.1 surround sound

I have playbar sub and 2 play ones in full 5.1 setup I also have two play 5 set up at front (see pic)

I have to say I much prefer music on the 5.1 setup with rears set to full.

I have even had the 5s bonded with sub and in my personal opinion even then the playbar and 2 play 1s sound better

I have 5 other play 1s around the house one single and two stereo pair and they sound way better than the two play 5s aswell I don’t know if I have set up wrong ( I doubt I have ) or its just my ears and my personal preference (probably this ) but I have come to the conclusion that the play 5 is not a bad speaker it is just that the play 1s are so dam good

Pair of play5 vs stereo pair play1s and sub. Both around the same cost here in U.K. I would go sub and play1s everytime

When you listen to all of the speakers at once, the 5s, the playbar and the rear 1s- do you like that sound?
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its ok as long as all the volumes in the group are the same but if honest nothing to write home about and certainly not worth the extra £998 to put two play 5s in the lounge

If I knew then what I know now I would not of gone anywhere near play 5s as stated above. For streaming and tv

The only advantage to a play 5 in my personal opinion is the line in and airplay but again not worth the extra outlay unless maybe using a turntable

This is only my personal opinion everyone’s ears are different as well as everyone’s bank balances are different as are everyone’s wife’s/husbands and I’m sure mine is working closely with my bank manager lol
Thanks. I do believe that the size of the room may also be a consideration. In a large room, the 5s may sound better than the Playbar. In a large room, do you think that the 5s and the Playbar could be on at the same time, with 1s in the rear and a sub? Or is that silly considering there would be 2 left speakers and 2 right speakers?
You might also try running the 5's vertical instead of horizontal. In horizontal they are stereo, in vertical each are mono, which when paired together provide stereo. I run my 5's vertically on stands upfront w/Beam and Sub, sounds pretty amazing.
So when the 5s are vertical, they each become mono?
I am no expert, but that is what the Sonos website says in the description for the Play:5's.
Found this in the Sonos support.
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This too:


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