Brennan B3 (or B2) input/review

  • 22 February 2023
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Hello all you experts!! I am seriously considering purchasing the latest generation of the Brennan (B3) to rip/store/manage/play by CD collection to my Sonos ecosystem. I have read and watched what I can find. I am eager and curious to hear your experience -- how easy was it to setup? How easy to use (play directly/wirelessly to Sonos “rooms”), any issues, etc. Thank you in advance, 

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7 replies

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Hi @draimist 

Thanks for your post!

While I can’t really comment on products I have received no training in, my understanding is that you shouldn’t have too much trouble as the Brennan devices appear to Sonos just like a standard NAS (Network Attached Storage) device.

However, my posting here will put this thread back up to the top of the Recently Active list - perhaps someone with a Brennan of their own will see it and help.

I hope this helps.

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Hi I have a Brennan b3 and b2 happy to share experiences if if helps 



I just purchased a Brennan b3 and, although it is connected via wifi to my Sonos, it plays a song for about 20 seconds and then cuts out.  Sometimes it starts up again after a little while.  The b3 is located close to the router, as is the Sonos speaker.  The connectivity problem appears to be between the b3 and the speaker.

Or, it could be something like a duplicate IP address, or simple wifi interference , especially if any of these devices are too close to your router. Sonos doesn’t communicate directly with your b3, it connects to the router, which then connects to the b3. 

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Close is often not good for WiFi, a Meter / 3 Feet between devices is often better.

Thank you for the replies.  I am now having difficult maintaining a connection to the app or getting the play/pause/ff/rw features to function properly.  




Hi I have a Brennan b3 and b2 happy to share experiences if if helps 



Please do share. Thanks much. What works well, what doesnt, what has frustrated you, NAS vs. Direct plan to Sonos, etc.  Thanks much