boom3d or a 3rd party EQ app

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has anyone been able to get boom 3d to work with the sonosor know of a 3rd party AP to connect to the sonos so that u can utilize a full EQ board

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shall do 


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prior to the summer of love
track listing was a not 
common ability 
their was that movie about
a guy in the record store and
he use to make them for his

~~~ high fidelity...

as if that was unique
or romantic or something
only a small percentile of people did

after the summer of love
by the time next gen arrive on
the scene they are all schooled
in dj concepts track listing etc etc

if their interested in music
where i would say next gen
are very 
conscience of dj concepts
but i dont actually know that
i assume that

and if sonos wants to be their
brand then they better get a eq

~~~~ ~ but we have done the research
they dont want one

thats not what branding is about
u have to explain to them why they need that
so they think they do and make it your unique
selling point

if u do the market research AFTER
u have done the advertising blitze on
why they want one then u get a very
different result

**over and out

and i do apologize for the offense i may have caused

i accept u have been patient with me and have the answers

to the questions over the eq …

due to technical problems as well

as not the market direction of the company

assuming that it wont get a return on that tech

advancment …..and there are other paths of

better profitability…



I repeat - What a strange little thread. :rolling_eyes:

Summer of Love - 1967

High Fidelity premier- 2000