boom3d or a 3rd party EQ app

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has anyone been able to get boom 3d to work with the sonosor know of a 3rd party AP to connect to the sonos so that u can utilize a full EQ board

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It looks like Boom3D is only compatible with MacOS. Have you tried using Boom3D on a Mac and then using AirPlay to send the audio from the Mac to your Sonos speakers?

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boom 3d says their is a technical issue with airplay and it cant work with the SONOS i will answer this to my own question having had that INTEL come in….but dose anyone know if u can find a app that is a TRUE EQ not just bass and treble sonos knobs to work with the sonos system


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i hope this was HELPFUL to the sonos community in relation

to wondering if 3dBOOM dose or dose not work with the

SONOS system ...for asking a staff member might be met

with silence….NOW dose anyoen know of a actual EQ that

can work with the sonos system as a 3rd party player and

if so can they inform me

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H ix


Thank you for writing to us and sorry for the inconvenience caused.


​Regarding your query, Boom 3D does not work when AirPlay or FaceTime are enabled/running on your Mac as there are several technical limitations.

Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.





Stay Safe!


*thanks guitar super star ...are u sure it can work??? for this

is what boom 3d told me 

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if what boom 3d told me is true

im pretty sure the sonos support

staff could have told me that

and then hinted at a alternative


for a actual EQ app deck so 

its no longer walking around a room

looking like a ******* ********

waving a phone phone up and down

that simply changes the bass knob

and treble knob


telling me this is

true play


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so if u cant do it just say so

and then allow someone that can

for i just spent 4000 dollars

on arc set up

with two 5;s on

either side


only to then realize

i dont have a EQ 

in my 1980;s stereo




I would not expect Sonos to create an equalizer for you in the next 24 hours.

It has been an infrequent (maybe once a year?) request, it wouldn’t make much business sense for Sonos to dedicate the programming hours to such a use case. 

That being said, it’s always possible that they have been working on it, and it might be in the next software release. They do not release their roadmap, so we never know what is happening in the next release until we get it (and even then maybe not, since they infrequently post release notes). Given the rather low demand for such a feature, I wouldn’t expect it any time soon. 

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i would like to apologize for my rant...however i asked

very nicely behind this forum and was in effect told i 

was talking to big brother SONOS ...when i knew the

customer service worker knew the answer and could

have give it to me very simply…but refused to do so

under big brother sonos policy


resulting in infuriating lost hours chasing my own EQ tail


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low demand for such a feature….i must be

from another generation...for i would have

thought it was a mandatory feature for 

any 80;s stack of audio equipement 



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sounds like a promo person
hiding behind the scenes

for every dj is going to want
a EQ its a integral part of ANY
two turn tables and a eq player



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u send me a instant REPLY form to fill out

hows our customer service...then u write to me

and say we have to EDIT your emails for we dont

like the TONE of your VOICE as a customer 

that has spent some series clams on this gear


a EQ is low priority in the world of

two turn tables and a mixing desk


instead of making this a LOW PRIORITY

u could make this your BIGGEST selling

point to the NEXT GEN that u target with

the WI FI


and thats when it strikes me

the LACK of VISION that your 

corporation HAS...and if behind

all the SMOOTH advertisting

made by next gen ..are just a

bunch of old men...with grey



probably wearing a man bob





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so to sum up this latest RANT

i myself am 51 and was thinking

that u might be a visionary corp

that comprehended the next gen

and what their needs were

even considered investing…

until i did some touch feely

only to run into SUITS ..stale

suits that were not comprehending

the market they were selling too

even though the SLICK advertising

proclaimed it did


are we all happy now

with my automated

sonos feed back

customer service



or is this going to be edited

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u have no DREAM 

your bumbling

old men...u could be

marketing this as the

first WI FI eq mixer

DECK for the next



the bells and whistles

but instead u tell everyone

to F OFF in relation to asking

can u DO IT 


and if so then all u need

is someone to SELL IT

as the next next gen

IDEA in interconnected



do u know i took one look at

those bose headphones and

said are u for REAL …


if u dont WANT my FEEDBACK

then stop sending me automated

EMAILS saying u want it


or dose big brother

SONOS denounce

any feed back 

from a jimi hendrix 

at 11 marshall speaker



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I have to be honest, this entire thread is fairly confusing to me. The formatting of your posts also makes parsing the content a bit more difficult than it could be. Let me try to address the points you’ve raised here the best I can.


We cannot guarantee any level of compatibility with 3rd party apps such as Boom3d and our support staff will not be able to confirm whether it works with Sonos or not. You need to contact the developer of the app to check whether it’s designed to work with Sonos products.

Trueplay Tuning is spatially-aware tuning technology available in the Sonos app, and is separate from the EQ sliders so both can be adjusted separately. 

I edited your reply because you expressed profanity - something that isn’t allowed on this community. We welcome feedback on Sonos products and services, and we never censor anything that fits within our community guidelines.

Sonos is not a 80s HIFI stack, nor is it meant for DJs. I’m not sure where you got that understanding that it is, but we do not market Sonos products as such. Sonos creates multi-room wireless audio equipment for the home and is not designed for use by DJs or in live performance environments. 

I understand that you’d like greater control over your EQ, and I can certainly submit that as a feature request.

As for the comments about our sound designers, you can find some information about our Sound Experience designers and how Sonos products were designed here: How Sonos Works With Creators to Fine-Tune the Home Sound Experience

Please be aware, that derogatory remarks about any individual or group are not permitted and may result in your posts being edited or removed, as well as your account being removed from the community.

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i appreciate your stance and apologize for any ill sentiment

and comprehend this is not how u see your own corporations



that was my mistake



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since im going to get a next gen robot response

on my email asking how was my experience can i

at least ask...if your next gen workers were to read

this ...and were not silenced through management..

...directoins ……..i mean after all that sleek advertising

appealing to their sense and ability…...would they

as i assume u and your management find this

feedback so offensive ….or is tihs community

line simply about singing directors  praises


and is this sonos community forum based around

that premise ...just wanting to hear what u want

to hear...and then proclaiming a stance ..that dosnt

match your sleek advertising …


then when told...u just give a off hand

but thats not where about

the next gen


for they will WANT

two turntables and a



….and a eq plugged in



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our focus is DVD and atmos




well dont bother answering

i got it



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what did u get


that u dont give actual feed back

or your personal views u jost toe

the sonos party line


so one wonders what the point of feed back is


dose this even get passed onto management


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Again, I’m not sure what you’re talking about here. No-one from the community is going to email you asking how your experience was - the email you received was likely from when you contacted our customer care team a few days ago, so please, use that to submit feedback about your experience with that team.

I don’t find your feedback offensive at all, nor am I “silenced through management”, we just don’t accept derogatory statements towards an individual or group of people as stated in the community guidelines you agreed to when creating your account here.

If you’re looking for two turntables and a microphone with an EQ plugged in, I’m afraid Sonos is not that, nor have we ever claimed to be. 

Please keep this thread on topic, or start a new one if you’d like to provide feedback on something else.


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i agree x to alex the concept of wi fi djing

for the NEXT gen with a total computer

inferace with no more 80s stereo stacks

would be AMAZING and i will pass this

onto management instead of attempting

to thwart u every time we send u a 

automated email asking for your feed back


x ~ wow


its nice to be heard

have a good nighs sleep



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i will give u a advertising slogan


u can make sonos whatever u want to make it to be


...accept it appears your

CEO;s are not exactly

steve jobs


because u cant do that

without a next gen



and thats why ive decided

not to invest..



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thats not our business model to return a profit x to alex


x~ u are very successful 

i think your product is 

exceptional on the xbox

etc etc…


to be honest ..i felt it was flat

on music and bought a pair of 5;s

spread the stereo out to see if

that fixed what i saw was a 

issue in the music realm


i was very open to the investing concept

thinking or perceiving that u had your finger

on the pulse of what the NEXT GEN might



but have accepted that is not the direction

that your directors are taking the 

comapnies direction in



i got this impression probably from

a sleek advertising company that

probably didnt reflect the actual 

bored room intent



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in the SONOS add it switches

from a REAL dj on a DECK to 

a sonos EQ sliding the mixer



complete with star burst


but all u get is


“we dont do that”

where not INTERESTED

in next gen


and i assume various

next gen workers

have tried to broach

the same subject


being told

“ feedback is allowed”

as long as it sounds like

whom ever we have

hired to be in charge 


u dont want this sonos community

for feed back what u want is it to 

estoll your virtue$


so im going to place your TOP

e mail responder to try to FORCE

your actual management to 



regardless if he likes

me or hates me


for thats




What a strange little thread. :thinking:

To the OP, because it is a wireless multi-room music system, Sonos buffers the music stream in order to maintain sync.  This buffering delay makes Sonos impossible to use for things like live DJ'ing.  Hence the reason the Sonos representative states it is not for use in DJ'ing.

So stop wasting people's time with your silly posts.  Sonos cannot be used for DJ'ing.  Period.