Bluetooth receiver connected to Sonos?

  • 1 May 2018
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I am one of those dumb people who found out post-purchase that Sonos supports streaming services, and does not function as wireless speakers for whatever’s playing on my mobile device.

I have a lot of specialty audio files not available from Sonos-compatible streaming services I’d like to play over my Sonos speakers.

Would a workaround that would enable me to play whatever I happen to be playing on my mobile device over my Sonos speakers (assuming there isn’t a Sonos app for that service) be to buy a Bluetooth receiver then hook it up like any other kind of audio receiver to one of the more expensive Sonos speakers that connects to receivers...or does that configuration only enable Sonos to hijack the speakers of your hi-fi setup?

In short, is there some sort of way to insert an audio signal from my mobile device into my Sonos system?

(Please don’t respond to this question with rationalizations about how Sonos’ ringed fence is awesome. Perhaps it is. I’m sure it’s simply amazing. I’m just looking for resourceful solutions to my not-at-all-unique problem.)


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5 replies

Why don't you simply put the files on a dedicated NAS drive that the Sonos device could access? Or, a USB drive that you could plug into the Sonos device? What's the mobile device you're using?
If you have Connect/Connect Amp/Play 5 that have the necessary line in jacks, you can hang a bluetooth receiver from these and stream to it and thus to Sonos via bluetooth from your mobile. I do this via an Echo Dot, that can also work in bluetooth receiver mode. Unfortunately this easy addition of bluetooth to Sonos cannot be done with a play 1 that lacks this feature of a line in jack.

IMO, this compound issue of no bluetooth plus no line in jacks on play 1/Sonos One is a big miss.
Thanks for the info. (And I think I agree with you...)
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I'm not sure what kind of "specialty audio files" you have, but you can stream most audio files from your phone to the Sonos from the Sonos app. I have many MP3s, WAVs, FLACs, etc. saved on my phone and can play them on any of my Sonos players.
Just for reference, here is the Supported Audio Formats