B&W 705 S2 with Sonos Amp (125 w/channel) and SVS SB-1000

  • 28 December 2020
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Dedicated setup for only listening music. 11x12 ft room. I have Tidal HiFi and Spotify Premium.


What SUB settings do you use on your Sonos Amp SUB cross over?

When I start playing and launch the app, the sub settings doesn't show up. And later after playing for sometime it shows up. I have a screen shot of sub settings of the app here.

When you turn off the SUB?  You hear more high and mid level.  Why does the Sonos Amp do that?  I know it adds a filter and sends more lower freq to sub.  


I do prefer keeping the loudness ON. sometimes I listen to music at a low volume.



SUB Level and Phase Calibration :

I used an iOS SPL app Decibel X for iPhone to calibrate the speakers and Sub. I used 75db. not 80db. 80 was too loud. you can watch the following video and download the sample files. I played the WAV files on my iTunes Windows app and used AirPlay to play it on Sonos. I used 67hz as my CrossOver.

Place your phone to your listening area. where you sit. Ear height. Play file T5V_Pink Noise.wav (contains high freq sound for B&W speakers)and then start recording on the Decibel X app. Increase Sonos volume so it reads 70db. average. (Important: reset level reading on the app before any reading. play the sample file first and then start the level reading, otherwise, the average will be low).

Then play T10S_PINK NOISE.wav (has sub sound). slowly increase sub volume. Mine is set to 70%. and sonos app i have it set to +3db for Sub.

Then phase correction. play 67_Hz Tone.wav and keep changing phase on the SVS and find a setting where it is highest. for me 0 deg is highest.

Here is a video explaining...


57Hz Sample Files: https://www.adamusaconnect.com/s/A77X_Sub15-Calibration.zip

63Hz Sample Files: https://www.adamusaconnect.com/s/A7X_Sub10-Files.zip

67Hz Sample Files: https://www.adamusaconnect.com/s/T5V_T10s-Calibration.zip

75Hz Sample Files: https://www.adamusaconnect.com/s/A5X_Sub8_Calibration.zip


r/BowersWilkins - B&W 705 S2 with Sonos Amp (125 w/channel) and SVS SB-1000
r/BowersWilkins - B&W 705 S2 with Sonos Amp (125 w/channel) and SVS SB-1000


I have read the following thread. I find this combination amazing. I don't think you need Naim Atom or NAD M33 or NAD M10. Sonos have an amazing app experience and I think it will have good support in the future. Compare to Naim or Nad brand. Also, i didn't consider Formation Duo, because I worry about support in future. Like what happen there is new iOS and B&W doesn't update their app. Then you cannot setup the speakers. This way I can always upgrade my amp for whatever future tech.



Sonos amp seems like a sweet spot. quality and price point and app quality.



I have done lots and lots of research. I believe technically not possible to get more quality out of it, by dedicated Hi Res DAC, pre amp or powerful amp. Not tube amp since they add their own color to music.



Also I have paired the Amp with Energy Veritas 6.3 Tower Speakers.  The mid range is a bit more present compare to B&W.  




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Hi there @Sy_Audioholics, Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the community. Thanks for your insights about our products. About your concern, I want to ask if are you using the Sonos Sub or a third-party Sub on your Sonos Amp set up? Also, was it set up as surrounds? Because if it is, It would also depend on the Home theater master for this kind of setup. 

Let us know how it goes and we're here to answer any further questions you have.

I am using third party sub.  SVS-SB 1000.    
I read other reviews that Sonos sub works well.   Third party sub when you turn it on it mid and highs get much higher.  It sounds weird a bit.   

also the sub doesn’t show up on the app sometimes.  The sub setting in the Sonos iOS app under Room -> Sonos App.  

this is stereo setup.  Only for music.   The goal is to have 2.1 system.   


It bothered me too much.  the mid and highs are keep going up when the sub is connected and used on the app.  I had two options. Either return my sub or keep it. 


Don’t get me wrong.  Sonos Amp is really good.  the sound quality and ease of use.  Everything was good about it except one issue.



I ended up with the following.  Kept my Enegry speakers.   moved away from B&W 705 S2.   Also not using Sonos Amp anymore.   I need to try B&W 702 S2.   705 S2 didn’t have enough base.   I felt I needed more base around this range (60Hz to 120Hz), which 705 S2 lacked. 


Room: Music Only. 12x12 ft.

Receiver: Yamaha R-N803 Smart Receiver

Speaker: Energy Veritas 6.3 Tower Speaker (Pair)

Sub: SVS SB-1000 (Crossover 60Hz)

Source: Tidal Hi-Fi subscription / Spotify Highest quality subscription.


This is not what I want.  Its a compromise.   Still need to try 705 S2 or Klipsch RP-8000F. 


I compare B&W 705 S2 side by side with my Veritas, and found that the following review guy is correct.

"The response in the upper mids was a little too prominent "
"Treble C+"

Review: https://hometheaterhifi.com/reviews...eviews/energy-veritas-v28-speakers-51-system/