Audio dropping out on Play 5 Gen 1

  • 1 December 2023
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I have had a Sonos setup for many years now and have regularly had an issue with audio dropouts for my Play 5 (labelled ‘Downstairs’), which is the only speaker located on the lower floor - separated by a concrete slab from the upper floor. I have a boost in the ceiling space that is connected via ethernet cable to the modem. The upstairs speakers (three Play 1’s) all work without ever missing a beat! To try and resolve the dropouts with the Play 5 downstairs, I recently had an electrician run a cable down to the lower level and that connects to an old Bridge I had used previously (via a switch that is only used for Sonos devices). It then SHOULD be connecting wirelessly to the Play 5 over less than 10 metres distance and with line of sight. Despite this the Play 5 still is occasionally dropping out. 

Here is what the network matrix is showing:

Any direction on what the issue might be and what to do would be greatly appreciated :)

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5 replies

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Hi @craigsed

I’ve had a look into your system as there were a few automatic diagnostics, however I’m not seeing the Bridge show up. The diagnostics are dated on the 30th and, unless you added it after they were generated, it seems like the Bridge isn’t working correctly.

I would recommend taking the Bridge offline and instead temporarily wiring your Play:5 to see if that helps with the dropouts. If it does, then keeping the Play:5 wired, or using another Bridge/Boost, would be my suggestion due to the physical separation between your Play:1s and Play:5.

If wiring the Play:5 doesn’t help, I would recommend reaching out to our support team for further assistance, as they have the necessary tools available to troubleshoot this issue with you.

I hope this helps!

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I’d pass on the Bridge too, obsolete and prone to issues that are hard to diagnose. Adding a Boost is an option but it looks like Sonos is discontinuing them, still some on the used market.

If you can get the Ethernet to the Play 5 you’d not need either, so less money and less gear to deal with.

Maybe you could wire a speaker upstairs and migrate the Boost there downstairs?

Thanks Jamie, Stanley.

The ethernet cable to downstairs is new, so I will connect the Play 5 direct to it and see how it goes for a while.

I do have one of the Play 1’s connected via ethernet already Stanley, but due to size of house and internal walls being double brick I have found I need the Boost up in the roof space to reach everywhere. 

Jamie - it is possible the bridge was not connected at the time those diags were run - I had been playing around after getting the ethernet line downstairs. But I am curious why the bridge shows yellow in the display above, and saying weak signal level, when it is ethernet connected to the Boost?


Thanks again, Craig.

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Hi @craigsed,

I do agree with Stanley here with just wiring the Play:5 instead of using a Boost or Bridge. Wiring the Play:5 would be preferable than using the Bridge just with how old a component the Bridge itself is, so I hope it resolves this issue for you.

It’s possible that the Bridge wasn’t online while the diagnostics was taken, likely a diagnostics was triggered when plugging and un-plugging Bridge. However, I’d still recommend our support team for live troubleshooting if you want to use the Bridge.

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I’m a big fan of “wire everything” that is easy to wire and have 4 Sonos wired and available as Sonos mesh connection points. 

Adding another Boost might be a solution, some are available used if a new one isn’t an option. Sonos might make you an upgrade offer on your Bridge too.