ARC + Sub + 5

  • 4 September 2021
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When will Sonos allow to add two Play 5 as Left and Right FRONT speakers to complement ARC?

This would mean essentially using ARC as a Center FRONT speaker; along with Left and Right FRONT Play 5.

The sound quality of ARC is not good enough for large open rooms.  


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4 replies

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No, as things are today it’s not an option. But it’s often requested…

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Don’t get your hopes up. Sonos allowing this setup would defeat the whole purpose of using a sound bar.

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You can use a pair of Sonos speakers as your front left and right for music. They won’t work well for TV sound from the Arc due to delay issues.

You can group the Stereo Pair Room with the Arc Room for music, it will not give you a great stereo image though as the Arc will be providing sound for left, right and center and possibly surrounds that is not coordinated with the Stereo Pair.

My recommendation is the Arc for TV and your choice of Stereo Paired Sonos speakers for music. Save the grouping option for background or party music.

Kinda sad it is so hard to move a Sub from the Stereo Pair to the Arc so if you want that option you’d likely want two Subs.