Arc + LG C9 but occasionally BenQ w2000 projector with various video inputs

  • 4 October 2021
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My setup for daily use is Arc with LG C9 which works great.


I would occasionally like to use my BenQ W2000 projector for movies and gaming. Movies would use Apple TV 4K as source and gaming would happen with PC or consoles such as Nintendo Switch or PS5. With these I would like the audio to go to Arc and video to the projector. Ideally I could keep these source systems permanently connected to LG C9 as well via splitter or switch so that I wouldn’t need unplug and plug devices when using the projector.


Is there a switch or a splitter that would keep the audio quality as good as the original source (e.g. Atmos)? From video point of view the W2000 is capable only for 1920x1080 but in case I would upgrade that at some point it would be nice if the video would also be of original quality.

Any advice would be appreciated!

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1 reply

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Hi @esaal 

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We cannot recommend any HDMI switches as we officially do not support them. Some community members may be able to recommend ones that they have experience with, however.