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  • 29 March 2023
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I have a 5 AMP system to power my home ceiling speakers. I have them connected to my network via one ethernet connection from one amp (let’s call it amp 1) to my switch.  The rest of the amps (2-5) are daisy chained via Ethernet cables from 1->2->3, etc so the entire system is hard wired. 

I am getting a Sonos sub that I would also like to hard wire into my system. My problem is that the room/amp I want to ethernet connect it to is amp 1.

Currently, amp 1 has both ethernet ports connection to my switch and one ‘beginning’ my daisy chain to the rest of my amps. 

My question is..can I move my switch/ethernet connection to the amp with an open port?

Would the amp now connected to the switch/network now be able to connect itself and output my network to the others or would I have to reset and redo my network to get it all working correctly?

Before I change it over, I’d like to know so I don’t break anything.  If I would have to do a system reset, I would probably just connect sub via Wi-Fi. 

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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2 replies

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Cable connecting a Sub is discouraged by Sonos. The Sub is meant to be using the dedicated 5Ghz link with the soundbar/Amp.

This is a network connection however, so your router controls all network related traffic. So there’s no need to connect the Sub directly to the Amp that it needs to get it’s sound from. You could even connect the Sub to a network outlet in a different corner of your home. Just remember it is not supposed to work this way.


All of my amps are in my AV closet several rooms away so the connection would be through my Wi-Fi which I would like to keep decluttered.   Is that not correct?  If it tried to connect via its own 5ghz signal from the amp, I think the connection would be spotty at best. 

If I did connect, I guess any connection to my ethernet via any amp or to the switch directly would work though now that I think about it.