Amp as sufwoofer amp for passive subs

  • 11 January 2021
  • 1 reply

I have 2 sonos connect amps powering 8 bose outdoor speakers. I believe i want to setup outdoor subwoofers as well. 1) Can have a 3 third sonos amp added,  dedicated as the sub amp to set passive subwoofers. If so, would the sub signal come one off the other sonos amps running the bose speakers or can I plug the sub output into its own inputs on the same amp and can be controlled independently along with the other two amps. Also if true, would there be any delays with the signals matching up to the bose units when playing music.

1 reply

The Line-In is always going to be 70ms behind, so using that for a subwoofer signal is out.  If you insist on using passive subwoofers, you are better off using a 3rd party dedicated subwoofer amp connected to the sub output on one of the current Amps.