advanced networking - connecting to my Sonos on a different subnet

  • 29 July 2018
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-- i have a Sonos Playbase
-- i have a firewall server box with 3 network cards: WAN, LAN, IOT
-- i have a LAN subnet which is my desktop, laptop, and file server box. (macOS)
-- i also have an IOT subnet which is stuff like Alexa, home automation, PS4, TV, and my Sonos.
-- IOT cannot even see the LAN computers
-- however, LAN can connect and ping/ssh/etc into any of the IOT as long as the connection originates on the LAN side.

the basic issue is that i cannot get Sonos app, or Spotify app, (or the iOS Sonos app) on the LAN side to find my Playbase on IOT subnet.
the Playbase has a static IP and i can ping it just fine from the LAN side.
and my Echo can see the Playbase on the IOT side fine.
(and i can play from Echo from Spotify on the Playbase)

how do i get the Sonos app to connect to my Playbase on a different subnet?
is there a port forward i can setup?
can i emulate a Sonos device (in linux) on my LAN that forwards to IOT?

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2 replies

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This seems an odd thing to do. Sonos expects its controllers and players to be on the same network. In order to get controllers to talk to players on a different network you would need to route traffic on particular ports. You seem to want your LAN network to be private and your IOT network to be separate from it, yet to get Sonos to work you will have to allow particular protocols to be routed that you would not normally expose to a non-private network.
So I would put your Sonos devices on your LAN network, not your IOT network. Otherwise you are just potentially adding security holes to your LAN - particularly if your networking knowledge isn't that good.