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  • 8 January 2023
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Bit of a novice here. I currently have a Sonos amp with a pair of passive speakers wired up, a turntable, two Sonos ones and a five.


I'm thinking of adding a CD player into the mix. Would I just need an RCA switch to link it up to the amp so I can just switch between the turntable and CD player?


I've tried an old CD player but the sound is distorted as hell but I'm thinking that's just because it's been stored in the loft for about 7 years and probably faulty😬. 


Thanks in advance


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5 replies

Whist this could work you may find that you will have to adjust the Sonos line in level each time switching between the turntable and CD player. This is because both devices tend to have different output levels and the incorrect input level selected in Sonos causes distortion… which may be why you CD player does not sound right.

Brill. That's sorted the distortion issue out, thank for that👍🏻. Something so simple.








Is there a better way to complete this setup, using the CD player but without having to change the input source in the Sonos app everytime?










Some phono preamplifiers let you set the gain level so you could match the output of the CD player. Alternatively you can get attenuators would go on the CD phono lead and bring the level down but it would be hard to work out what values you need. Perhaps you have a Hi-Fi shop locally who could help?

Ahh, ok. Thanks for that. Might head to the hifi shop. Appreciate the advice.

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You say you have a Five. Perhaps connect the CD-player to that speaker instead?