add sub gen3 to playbar and sonos 1 speakers

  • 10 November 2021
  • 6 replies


can I connect a new sub gen 3 to my play bar and Sonos 1 speakers? these speaker are approx 3 years old.


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6 replies

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Yes, as long as they are all set up on the Sonos S2 app.

Thanks guitarsuperstar,

the S2 app says that some of the devices aren’t compatible with this Sonos 2 app?

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The Playbar and Play:1 or One is compatible with both the S1 and S2 app. Read more here:

Unless, of course, you have more Sonos devices that you didn’t tell us about, beyond the Sonos One/PLAY:1s and PLAYBAR.

To be clear, there is no Sonos 1 speaker, but as GuitarSuperstar suggests, both the Sonos One and the PLAY:1 are compatible with S2. 

Thanks, I had a bridge connecting the devices, once I disconnected the bridge and reset all the original speakers. I was able to set up the sub and all the speakers as a new system.

thanks again

Yep, the BRIDGE is not S2 compatible. Many, many years ago it was replaced by the newer BOOST, but as you’ve found, it’s not a requirement, your speakers can directly connect to your wifi without using an intermediary.