What surrounds will be ok for the Ray

  • 11 February 2024
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Good Evening to all forum-users👋


I’m living with my granny and got my own small bedroom upstairs.

I allready got a Ray and for radio-listening i got a Roam SL on my bedside table.. and an 32” LG smart-tv is coming tomorrow.

The room is small with full height sealing in half the room,other half dropping down towards the head-side of my bed.

I was wondering…and i’m on a kind of budget. Like i don’t gonna add a Gen sub(or in desperate need of a sub anyway)….if not i’ll come across a really cheep used one of course. I think the Ray got enough bass as it is.

I have a pair of extra Era 100 at home,but then i need to wall-mount them…ain’t got the mounts and i only fancy purcase the orginal Sonos one’s. The Era’s can i place on the wall behind my bed,but i allso thinking of getting the Ikea Picture Frame. But they need to be mounted on the side walls so they will be playing toward eachother.

I’m not gonna watch a lot of movies,just Youtube and some music during night-time.

I’m open for your thoughts…

2 replies

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Hello again… 😉

To be honest I think any pair of a small speaker will fit well for the ray to improve sound to surround. I would take the one that could be fixed / placed best way without much work and trouble. Did you think about two Ikea bookshelf speakers? There’s a cheap and easy to install wall mount available for them.


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Sorry,can’t use the Ikea Book Shelf here….hard to explain but they are too tall on one side of my bed,and the other side/corner the staircase is from the floor and up to the side-wall not be able to use the modefy floor-stands as mount to get them 45 degrees angle’d in the corner. If only a Roam with no battery was availible…..

So it’s either the Era 100 or the Ikea Picture Frame that would work here… I don’t like the One/SL(Play:1) so they are out of the question for me.