• 18 July 2018
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Are all speakers outdoor speakers ?

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5 replies

No Sonos speakers. Can't speak to others, though. The Sonos PLAY:1 and Sonos One are both humidity resistant, and I think the PLAY:5 gen 2 is as well, but none of them are waterproof. Dangerous to have them near water, since there's a great chance of electrocution with a plugged in device.

For instance, I have used PLAY:1s and Sonos Ones in a bathroom with no issue. But I wouldn't want to leave one outside where it rains.
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If you want outdoor speakers a very good option is a Connect Amp and your choice of outdoor speakers. Some prefer the plain Connect and an external amp with the outdoor speakers you like, with a good quality external amp you get more options but less convenience and simplicity.
So can an existing amp/receiver be connected to sonos system to add outdoor speakers?
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Yes, use a Connect (not a Connect:Amp)/