• 4 July 2023
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If I purchase two Fives and Subwoofer, do I need an Arc? I don’t necessarily care about surround sound but want a good home audio system. Haven’t bought Sonos before. Thx. 


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Do you intend that this system will handle TV sound?

It could, but that isn’t necessarily my main concern. I want a good sound system that can put out the sound, don’t watch too much tv. 

The Fives alone aren't meant for TV or Home Theater, but they are fantastic for music.  If you are looking for a TV system as well as music, you will need an Arc, a Beam, a Ray, or an Amp for the fronts.  Also, most think Fives are overkill for surrounds, and opt for the Era 100s, or the full Atmos Era 300s.

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But if you only need the system for music, buy two Fives.