Router is in a utility room - what Sonos product to use?

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I’m moving to a new house that has the internet connection and router/wireless in a basement utility room.  As I recall, one of the Sonos components has to be hardwired into the router.  But, I don’t really want to put a speaker in a utility room.  What product do I use to connect to the router?




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A BOOST? But no, no Sonos device must to be wired to the router at this point, everything can hang off of your Wi-Fi signal. You may want to read the wired and wireless modes FAQ.

  What product do I use to connect to the router?


As I said in my previous response, if you feel the need to wire something to the router with an Ethernet cable, a BOOST is the best product to use.

However, there is no reason you need to do that, if you read the FAQ I linked to, you can connect your Sonos devices to the network without the use of a BOOST. 

Thanks Bruce!  I appreciate the responses and the link.  I’m going to go wireless and then I obviously have the option to switch to wired if I need to for some reason.

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It is so easy to switch from WiFi to a wired Sonos and SonosNet for speakers that can use it there isn’t a reason not to play with it some time you have nothing else to do.

If you have the new 100 / 300 or a Move or Roam hey aren’t as flexible but that shouldn’t stop you from fooling with the others.


I’d think hard about the router in the basement thing, that may give you a poor WiFi signal to every device. I’d move the router to the main floor if possible. Another option is to add an Access Point to your network and place it where it provides the optimum signal for your space.

I added an AP and turned off the WiFi portion of my router as the router is in a bad spot and the AP was easy to put in a good one. Not for Sonos as all my devices are wired or on SonosNet, but for several other devices that saw poor connectivity. I love my Ubiquity AP and all the status info the UB Controller app provides.

WiFi propagates down, better than up. Basement is generally the worst spot for the only access point.

Stanley - I have a mesh Eero router because I’d have the same problem with my other internet devices.  I get great coverage all over the house.  Thanks for the pointer!