Play 1 retro fit to a ceiling speaker

  • 21 December 2015
  • 5 replies

Just come across this option to retro fit the play 1 into a ceiling speaker.

This looks perfect for what I need as I was looking at bathroom ceiling speakers but would need a connect amp, ceiling speakers - approx £500. With this approx £200.

However, anyone know what the quality would be like from a play 1 pointing downwards ?

(electrically this would also be great as I have sockets in the attic)

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5 replies

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The Play:1 has no orientation sensor so would sound the same no matter what direction you are pointing it.

Of course with this option you would need power up into your ceiling.
Thanks. That's great. Also suspect a play 1 would sound better than some ceiling speakers. Great solution.

As for electrics the attic has plugs so should be able to plug in there and off I go.

Just need to find when the concealers go on sale.
Hi shabbaranks,

I've got the same issue as you - I want Sonos from the bathroom ceiling, but think the Connect:Amp plus ceiling speakers is far too expensive compared to how good the sound from the Play:1 is for around £150.

So, did you manage to get those Vanco Concealers? I can't find them anywhere...
Hi. It works with great success !!!!!

I found a large white ceiling speaker cover on eBay that was a similar size to a play 1. Put a hole that large in the ceiling and from the attic side I placed the play 1. This originally lost lots of sound and sounded poor. So I built a simple box (with fire rated plasterboard) padded with underlay. That sound proofed it brilliantly. To enhance and protect I bought a fire protecting material and put that inside the box. To further sound proof I covered the box with underlay. Brilliant !

As I had electrics already in the attic I just plugged in and put this speaker as bathroom in my Sonos set up. It's brilliant !!!!!!

Will be doing it again in the ensuite.
Excellent, glad to hear it!

Do you have a link to the speaker cover from ebay?

Also, did you have any photos of your box to show what you mean with the underlay?

Like you, I also already have electrics in the attic, so powering it isn't an issue, just mounting.