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  • 30 May 2017
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I'm just about to buy a Sonos set up. I have 2 TV's I need sound systems for and I need the sub and the songs sound bar kit for both. Can i stream music to one and or both set up or does the sound bar only stream one source? What do people recommend i buy for this sort of situation?

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3 replies

The Playbar/Playbase can stream any Sonos source you wish, as well as the TV sound. Depending on your needs, you can purchase the Playbar/Playbase alone, with a Sub, or with two Play:1 as surrounds.
Thanks - can I ask - if I'm watching Tv on one of the Playbar/Playbase, with a Sub and two Play:1 as surrounds, can someone else use the other Playbar/Playbase with a Sub and two Play:1 as surrounds to stream music. Naturally both set ups will be on the same broadband network in the house. Really appreciate any advice / explanation as I am totally new to this area.
Yes, each 5.1 system will be a "room" and can be directed individually. For instance, I have a "living room" 5.1 setup, and a "bedroom" 5.1 setup, and can easily watch TV on one, and listen to music on the other.