How to setup a house with existing ceiling speakers

  • 24 November 2023
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Hi, we have recently moved into a property that has veiling speakers throughout the house (they seem to be in nearly every room!) and external one also. All are hardwired in and areas where it’s designated for a TV seem to have amplifiers and there is 3 boxes wired up in the mechanical room that I believe are related to the speaker system.

I’ve not even tried to get anything working with the gear that is there currently. I’d like to get this working with sonos but have no idea what would be needed and how I’d go about it.

I’d like some advise on what Sonos products I’d need and then how I’d go about getting this working.

Thank you! 

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11 replies

We need more information about your system. Give the model numbers of those boxes in the mechanical room.

Hi, I assumed the equipment that was left there would be removed and I’d start again with Sonos. Is that not the case? Complete beginner here so I do apologies if I’m not understanding the basics. Thanks 

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If re-using the existing amplifiers: Sonos Port or Connect Gen 2.

If not, Sonos Amp or Connect:Amp Gen 2.

Hi. So if we just have the speakers and their wires, you’d recommend I have a Sonos Amp in the mechanical room? Will this connect to all the speakers and segregate them so I can choose where to play the music rather than all the house at once? Is that all I would need? thanks

A single AMP will play all the speakers and you will not be able to control individual rooms. Those boxes might allow individual control. What are the model numbers of those boxes?

These are the 3 boxes in the mechanical room. Thanks 

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Any data plates or more information on the back or bottom of the speaker selectors?

The bottom unit is an amplifier and the top two units are speaker selectors with one ON/OFF button per pair of speakers. All speakers will play the same music and there is no individual Volume control for each room. You may have wall mounted Volume controls in each room. Elsewhere is some equipment that selects which music to play in all of the rooms and may be able to adjust overall Volume.

You mention other equipment associated with TV’s. We need information on this too.

There may be a remote control system.

For the equipment shown so far, a SONOS AMP is not appropriate. Do you currently have any SONOS equipment?

I recommend hiring a Pro to sort this for you.

hi all, thank you for your help.

I cannot see any data plates but it is difficult to move them as they are at height.

I don’t own any SONOS, I was told by a friend that it’s what they use so thought to explore.

It would be good to simply test the speakers and system that is currently here. Any ideas how I’d do that?

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Anything with an audio output should work, even if it is just a headphone jack.

Get a cable to go from your device to the amplifier and see how things go.

Your Sonos solution may be as simple as adding a Port to the existing gear.

We need to know about other equipment distributed throughout the house. The three boxes shown cannot play any music without support from something else selecting the inputs. It’s possible that some of the equipment has been removed. Are there any clusters of wires somewhere? 

I don’t like to think about this, but real estate agents sometimes cut wires, thinking that the house will show better without the wires. While this might be the case, cutting wires creates issues for the new owner.

Unless you can identify the equipment that supplies music for the amplifier shown, you’ll need to pull the equipment off the shelf, possibly adding a SONOS PORT.

It’s possible that you have everything needed to play music and only need to learn how to operate the system.

Again, I suggest finding a pro or someone who is familiar with the technology. It’s possible that everything can be “fixed” after a relatively short session of instruction.