convert a SpeakerCraft system to Sonos?

  • 26 August 2013
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Hello. I currently have a "traditional" speaker craft system with 5 different speakercraft zones in my home. My speakercraft amp is an MZC-66. I've used Sonos at a number of other houses and am really impressed with the quality and ease of use. I talked with a few people who seemed to indicate that I could pretty easily convert to Sonos by buying a Sonos amp and attaching it to my MZC-66? And then could easily add Sonos speakers and systems to other rooms as they join the wifi network? True?

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10 replies

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Yes, it would be very to add a SONOS CONNECT to your existing MZC-66 as a source. The CONNECT will function as a player and also a wireless repeater for other Sonos units. You'll need at least one Sonos unit wired to the router at all times, though, so if the CONNECT does not have an Ethernet connection to your network then you'll want to get a SONOS BRIDGE as well. From there, all other Sonos components can be wireless so you can expand your system wherever you like.

Let me know if you have any additional questions and I'll be happy to help.
I have that exact set up in my home (connect plus bridge driving speakercraft) and for 6 months it worked. After this most recent software update, I now get an error message 'you have no sonos players in your system'. And nothing works. Any thoughts for me? Thanks
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I would say your bridge needs restarted.  The bridge is not functioning.  I would say hard reset it but you would lose all your favorites/playlists.

Do you have a way you can plug the Connect directly into your router to confirm it is functioning.  If you do that we can move forward some more steps to try and get your bridge working again.
I have factory reset the bridge and the connect (I only have one) as well as reset the controller. It had no impact. I hard wired the connect to my router and it immediately was recognized, configured and worked. I hope this is not an every-week event!
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Sounds as though there was something wrong with your bridge.  Is it functioning now or do you still have the connect hard wired?
It was working but now without the hard wire and everything back in place it is failing again. Ugh. Perhaps the distance between bridge and connect is too far? However it worked flawlessly for 6 months...
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How far are they apart (the bridge and connect)? 

Also Make sure the bridge is not right up against your router.  Give it a couple feet - whatever the wire will allow.

Make sure Sonos is not operating on a channel close to your home router.
Thanks. For some reason it was the distance between bridge and connect. It's weird because this was not a problem for 6 months. I have reconfigured the layout a bit, moved it closer, all set. Thank you.
Hi, I currently also have a "traditional" speaker craft system with 8 different speakercraft zones in my home. My speakercraft amp is an MZC-66 and I have two of them. I would like to connect the CONNECT to the amp to allow me to control all the zones via my phone, my question is would I loose the individual zones once I connect the CONNECT? I would like to be able to control all the zones individually with my iPhone.

Thanks for your help!
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Sonos wont know anything about your speakercraft zones. The sonos app will only have the 1 room/location and that is where the Connect is.