Compatible Xfinity Rounters

  • 16 May 2017
  • 3 replies

Would someone be able to recommend a compatible router via Xfinity? Or a compatible router from another provider I can buy? I have a new play base with play 5s on the way and cannot use them until I get this mess fixed

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3 replies

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Hey KittyKirk - welcome to the community. As there are a wide variety of wireless routers available on the market each offering different features, we tend to not make any recommendations. As long as the one you purchase isn't on our incompatible hardware list, you should be fine.

I jumped in a littler earlier than normal to answer this post, so I would keep an eye out for updates as other community members may join in with their recommendations.
Andy thank you. I understand there are plenty of options and it wouldn't be too cool of Sonos to recommend a particular brand. I'll make a selection not on the list you've mentioned and run it by Xfinity for compatibility with their service to me
Kirk, ask yourself this first. Why pay a monthly fee to Xfinitiy when if you buy one from them/someone else, it can be Xfinity friendly and Sonos friendly but cheaper. You can go to the stores/online and say you need an Xfinity friendly router that is Sonos friendly and someone should be able to help. I love my Apple one, but my laptop, tablet and phone are also Apple. I'd probably crap my pants if Apple or Sonos would team up together and make products (especially televisions and laptops). The quality....oh the quality....while being able to just take it to Apple with questions or tech help...