Can we get a more definitive answer on what TVs will passthrough 5.1 audio ??

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@Jabba1980. As you correctly say, the DTS is another issue entirely, and is an issue for 1080p Blu-Ray, as I am sure you are aware. I do have a Samsung BD player that transcodes.

I bought the CA TV5 V2 but I am already regretting it! It would not talk over HDMI ARC to my Panasonic TV, and the optical port seems to be faulty, as the thing pops crackles then goes silent quite frequently. It's going back this afternoon. I hear Canton are pretty good......

Thanks for that. I'd heard good things about both CA and Canton. Good luck with the replacement...
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got an email today about this B+W soundbar
B+W make great sounding speakers so this should sound great, loads of HDMIs, decodes DTS, just not wifi ;O((
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Has anybody got ANY of these tvs 😞

Sale ends tomorrow!! (code TV10 for 10% off)

Really don't want to buy one if it doesn't work properly!
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I use a £20 optical switch so i am currently hunting for a new TV fairly relaxed about this issue.

Ive got a switch, but I would need an extra lead or something for my NVidia shield to go into it! And its kinda getting silly having 3 switches on something that's made with one cable for simplicity!
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PS to previous post. Maybe i understand a little better why Sonos go for the simplicity of a single optical port (that works).
I do have a Playbar with another TV
I think I said in another thread I sort of understand (but don't agree with) the lack of an HDMI port for 'simplicity'.
....but the lack of DTS decoding is an unbelievably stupid, shortsighted decision than in no way makes anything 'simpler' - quite the contrary. Many threads about passthrough, DTS, BD Players, optical splitters, HDMI splitters... and god knows how many support calls and wasted man hours would all be not needed. I certainly don't buy the 'licensing' cost issue (£20 DVD players do it, nevermind £700 hardware....) so I honestly can't think of a single reason not to include it. The BS comment about streaming not using it not only completely misses the point but also publicly alienates a huge number of of potential buyers who actually like and prefer physical media.
I guess, simply, many 'defenders' often say Sonos make a 'business' decision on what effectively makes more 'bottom line'. I'd guess pretty much zero people have ever bought a Playbar/base (in future...) because it didn't decode DTS and many, many people have not bought one because of the huge shortcoming in not doing so.
fwiw, my TV (UK Samsung KS8000) passes through DD and DTS - and it's a fantastic feature that means I get DTS from all the sources connected to it - and also means I'd get silence from a DTS BD if I connected it to a Playbase or Playbar.