Best setup for two specific rooms

  • 2 June 2017
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We already own a play 5, and are looking to build to create a fuller sound in our living room and bedroom.

Living room is L shaped (with a poor acoustics layout) with our Play 5 currently residing under our TV on the exterior corner of the short L and visible from most anywhere in the room (where I would like to stay), but as the room is 12' x 22' in extreme measurements I find that the Play 5 doesn't fill the space as well as I'd like, would adding a Play 1 in the middle of the long section of the room on the exterior wall help comeplete the fullness or should I knock it up to a Play 3.

The bedroom is 9' x 20' would a Play 3 be sufficient in the middle of one of the short walls or should I do a Play 3 and Play 1 combo...

Please don't respond with Play bars or anything to pricey, I'm trying to keep this wallet friendly.

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8 replies

I forgot to mention that the Play 5 we have is gen 1
"Too pricey" is pretty ambiguous. What's pricey to me may not be pricey to you, or vice versa.

Generally speaking, I like the Play:1s over the Play:3s, and pretty much the only reason for that is value for price. And a stereo pair beats a royal flush any time. Oh wait, I mixed my metaphors. If you're going to do a combo in the bedroom, I'd do a pair of Play:1s set up as stereo. It's amazing how good they sound.
Trying to keep everything under 1000 cad including our 15% tax
Since I've no idea what the cost is for the speakers in Canada are, I'll have to go with US prices. And I'd still suggest a pair of Play:1s. In fact, I'd probably do that in both areas, and set them both up as stereo pairs. Then the Play:5 Gen 1 could fill in as a extra speaker (labeled as a different room and grouped). 4 Play:1s in the US would run you around USD $800, unless you were to go to a Best Buy and find some open box specials, which I did several times, to great satisfaction.
Play 1 = 287.50 cad with tax
Play 3 = 435.85 cad with tax
OK, then a pair (and set them up as stereo) of Play:1s for the bedroom, and one Play:1 for the living room.

It's odd for you to rely on someone on the internet to tell you what to get. The final arbiter should be your ears, not some whacko like me. You have absolutely no guaranty that my ears are similar to yours, nor my music choices.
Stay with the 1 units, they are excellent. Add a unit to the living room, and a stereo pair to the bedroom, if that can be accommodated along one wall.
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Another approach to consider

I'll move the 5 to the bedroom and locate it along the wall (cantered) facing your favourite listening position, guessing the bed

I'll then get 3 1's, stereo pair a couple and locate them around your prime listening position. 3rd 1 goes at the other of the room to fill it out nicely.

You can always get an extra 1 later when you have some extra cash, then either set up two pairs in the living area or relocate one pair to the bedroom and return the 5 back to the living room.