Adding to a play 5

  • 1 March 2016
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I have a 1st gen play 5 & wondered if it is worth adding two play 1's as a stereo pair?

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6 replies

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What is the size of the room? What is going to be your primary use for the system?
8m x 5m, with a TV at one end & the kitchen at the other end. I have the play 5 under the tv & was going to put the play 1's on stands each side. It is only used for music at the moment, but I'm considering connecting to the tv but have read some lip sync issues unless you use a play bar. I have thought about getting the playbar with some play 1's & relocating the play 5 elsewhere but as music is the primary use I don't want to compromise on this too much just for the TV.
Any thoughts on this or other possible set ups would be appreciated.
I have the play 5 under the tv & was going to put the play 1's on stands each side.
This is a bit nonsensical IMO. The central PLAY:5 will dilute the stereo separation and blur the soundstage.

Why not get another PLAY:5 Gen1 -- there still seems to be stock in the channel if you look hard -- and make a stereo pair from them? You can get stands for the PLAY:5.

Alternatively eBay the old PLAY:5 and buy a pair of Gen2 units.
Would this not be similar as a playbar with play 1's either side? Or does the playbar connect to the other speakers differently to a play 5? I don't want play 5's on stands but don't mind the smaller play 1's.
If you mean the PLAYBAR with PLAY:1s as surrounds that's a different situation. The surround speakers are located to the side, and behind you. And PLAYBAR manages the PLAY:1s directly, sending only certain sounds to them.

Grouping a pair of PLAY:1s on either side of a PLAY:5, there's no guarantee that they'll be in phase across the frequency spectrum. And, as I say, the PLAY:5 will pull the stereo image into the centre. If all you want is a broad spread of noise then fine, but if you want a decent stereo soundstage then I'd stick with a pair of speakers.

Another possibility would be to eBay the PLAY:5 and get a pair of PLAY:1s plus SUB. However this would rule out connecting the TV unless you acquired some other Sonos unit with a Line-In.
I own the set um your looking. At do t do it. Sonos is horrible at disconnecting player etc. way to much hassle.