Adding FM and CD to my Sonos House? And other questions for NEW SETUP

  • 10 January 2017
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Hi! Im building a setup in my parents new house with 8 different zones connected through connect amps. Have some questions hope somene could give me advice:

1) Starting from the facts that 1) CDs are outdated, that everything is in Spotify (or others) and 2) Theres Tune In Radio with the sonos app, my parents still want to be able to play CDs and to hear live FM (and AM ideally) radio with no delays (Tune IN radio adds some seconds or minute).

All the setup its going to be centralized in a HUB, so I think I could add a CD/RADIO Tunner connected through the line in to one of the Connect Amps to be able to fulfill their requierements, but is there any good one you can recomend they can still play7pause/next/search frquency remoteley without needing to go to the hub (instead for introducing a CD in the player). I was thinking some that has an app to control through IOS or Android through the home WIFI network.

2) Any advice for the In-cealing speakers? I need some mono and some stereo (no preference between 6" or 8")

3) They want a 7.1 Home Theater setup in the family room, I know that currently with SONOS is not possible, so I was thinking in buying any other brand and link it to the Sonos network through a Connect. Is that possible? also, any recomendation for a 7. 1 setup?

Regarding budget, offcourse is not unlimited (I would think the opposite: limited), but they just want good quality at a fair price. Something to have into consideration: They are no audiophiles or experts, just normal homeowners that want to have nice family reunions / parties and a good experience watching netflix or blueray movies.

Thanks in advance for thanking the time to think this through!

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10 replies

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There's a lot to unpack here that I can't answer. I can tell you before you worry too much about FM Radio, make sure the stations your parents listen to aren't available on the TuneIn app. Sonos supports TuneIn and you can add the station to your parents' favorites in the Sonos app. I did that for a local station my wife likes.
Are you SURE you cannot persuade them to have a NAS instead of a CD player? There are ripping services that would take away the pain of the initial setup. Thereafter it would be SO much easier and better - and they would still have their own music collection.
Your Tuner and CD player do not have to be next to the Connect Amps. You could use baluns to extend the RCA signal via Cat5 so the source components are in a convenient location while the amps are hidden in the central lo9cation.
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Yep. Agree with the above

If starting from a clean install as you are:-

Unless the FM station(s) not available on FM then use TuneIn - There's no possible justification for worrying about the delay.
Also, ditch the CDs and rip to an external storage device.
Running FM through Sonos isn't a problem if it must be heard and is not available on the net, but if you are taking the effort you set out in your post to build a set up, why not complete things on the CD front by the suggested NAS route that will allow CDs to be boxed away, but still be a lot more accessible than any CD player based set up will allow them to be?
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I don't roll with the fact that ripping CDs to a NAS eliminates the desire to have something phyiscal- surely the beauty of Sonos is that it will allow all manner of configurations.

I still want my collection of CDs and vinyl records on view/close to hand, so I have a CD and turns table wired to a Connect. But I also have most of my tracks on iTunes, which makes setting up and playing playlists fun. I can use TuneIn radio, but I've not always found it 100% reliable with BBC Radio in the U.K., so I do have a DAB radio wired into a Connect:Amp (that wasn't an additional cost, Inhad the radio, the AMP just allowed me to wire speakers into my bathroom).

I have Spotify- but it isn't 100% of the music in the entire world. There are omissions. And I also like listening to audio books created by a company called Big Finish, which they supply as downloads and CD, so my Sonos fits lots of scenarios, because that's what I think Sonos want us to be able to do.

I just feel there is a balance between those who would rip and stream and those that want to collect, to have and hold.
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It is quite easy to connect a CD player to the analogue input of any of your Connect/Amp/Play5's and setup the system to autoplay any other zone.
I also am in a dilemma! I would like to use a mini system to my Sonos Connect and Play 1's. But nobody will recommend something compatible. I understand it isn't good to recommend other companies products but I would like to play CD and my USB turntable through the same system to my Sonos! Can anyone recommend a medium priced CD mini unit and with what it requires the specification requirements needed to connect wirelessly to my Sonos please?
I also am in a dilemma!
You also double-posted.
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I also am in a dilemma! ...
And you hijacked someone else's thread.