Why does the sound from my speakers keep cutting out intermittently?

  • 13 January 2023
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I was wondering if anyone knew what issue I was having with my Sonos system. I’ll try and explain it in the best way I can.

My Sonos system consists if one Sonos Arc, two Sonos One speakers, both a left and right for surround sound and a Sonos Sub. I have the Sonos Arc connected to a Sony Bravia TV OLED using the Arc port and also connected with my Dell PC through Airplay as it is not connected through a cable.

The issue I’m having is related to iTunes, which I use to listen to all my music. It starts fine with no issues but say after 15 minutes or so the sound coming from the speakers begins to cut out intermittently and sometimes the sound coming from the Sonos One speakers cuts out completely leaving only sound emitting from the Sonos Arc. It only cuts out for say a second but happens more frequently the longer you listen to music.

I only have this issue when I’m listening to music via iTunes and not when I’m watching the TV or watching a film from the Blu-ray player, which work perfectly fine.

That’s the only way I can describe it but haven’t a clue what is causing it let alone how to solve it, so if any one here can help I’d really appreciate it as it’s quite annoying.





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15 replies

I’m going to assume when you say “iTunes” you actually mean “Apple Music”, which Apple renamed their player. The implication there is that you’re using AirPlay 2 to send the signal, rather than allowing Sonos to “read” the data from your hard drive. If my assumptions are incorrect, please let me know, although some/most of what I’m going to say won’t be different, but it might help someone else help you.

Things like AirPlay 2 , due to their bandwidth usage, are more sensitive to wifi interference than normal, streaming options. Which is *not* to say that they wouldn’t sound the same, for most people. I’d be taking a look at that linked FAQ to double check in the vicinity of either the Arc or the Sonos Ones for potential sources of 5Ghz (or frankly, other, but 5Ghz is the frequency used between the Ones and the Arc) interference. 

If that didn’t achieve anything, I’d wait for the next time it gets one of those interruptions, and then submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of experiencing this problem, and call Sonos Support to discuss it.

There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.

When you speak directly to the phone folks, they have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and network. 

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Hi Bruce

Thanks for the reply. That’s correct yes, I use Apple Music though I still have a habit of calling it iTunes 😄 I’m still listening to my music however as music I’ve either imported from a CD or purchased from Apple Music store. I don’t use the streaming service which I think are the Browse/Radio buttons at the top. I’ve attached photos showing the Airplay icon I use on Apple Music app that is on my PC, which when clicked takes you to the next photo with where it’s connected to. Hope that makes sense. Is this icon with blue triangle and signal mean Airplay 2? Next time it happens I’ll submit an diagnostics report to Sonos.


No worries, I’d bet 50% of us, myself included, tend to call it iTunes still. But it can make a difference, which is why I asked.

I would certainly consider setting up your local library on that Mac for Sonos, a relatively simple operation by following the instructions here, and then using the Sonos software to play your music, and not Apple’s. 

AirPlay 2 can chew up a lot of bandwidth on your network, especially if you’re sending the same information to multiple devices. 

But all my suggestions from my first reply stand. I’d be interested if Sonos is able to glean much, since by using AirPlay 2, you’re essentially skipping much of their involvement in the process, and the Sonos is merely acting as a receiver of data. 

Because simply put they are absolute garbage speakers relative to connectivity. 

otherwise they are great speakers. No tech support. 

Save your money. I have $5000 worth of useless paperweights. 

Based on the products listed in your profile, you paid a little too much for your system.

Sonos speaker at our mental health therapy clinic creating similar problems initially. As of now, they are running smoothly without any issues, thanks.

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Because simply put they are absolute garbage speakers relative to connectivity. 

otherwise they are great speakers. No tech support. 

Save your money. I have $5000 worth of useless paperweights. 

The selling point and the reason for buying Sonos is connectivity. Very frustrating to build an expense system throughout the house and constantly have the music cut out. I'm pretty sure I'll stop recommending Sonos to others.

Or, you might call Sonos Support directly to discuss the issues you’re experiencing, and get a system working that you’re pleased with. 

I have called customer support and have faced the same issue over again. It takes quite a bit of time to reset 10 speakers individually. I've had to do it way too many times. 

Set up reserved IPs in your router. It has done wonders for a lot of people who used to need to reset their speakers repeatedly. Check your router’s manual on how to do so. 

I will look into this. Thank you for the direction, Bruce.

After struggling with our speakers cutting out or losing surround, I saw an entry on Reddit addressing this issue which suggested connecting any one speaker in the network via Ethernet cable.   My sound bar is right next to the router so I connected that, which promptly shut the whole system down.  I restarted the sound bar and router and it all came back up fully operational.  I didn’t do any other configuration changes.  No more cut outs in two days.

Yo.  I may have an answer to your major problem.   I had this same issue the past year or so and driving the family crazy. Listening to music and it just drops.   Streaming app shows it playing but no sound anymore from speakers.  iPhone using airplay2 but no sound.   I thought it was the steam app/apps version.  Thought it was Sonos versions.   
I love Sonos, simple and sounds great.   I have a Beam and One and One SL in the house.   Sounds great and setup is simple.   

One day I was checking my network app TP Link routers.  Noticed a ton of connections and that there were connections that weren’t wifi.  Follow me here.

So, my BEAM is setup as a hardwire to my router.   HDMI to TV.   My One and One SL speakers are setup as wifi to my home network.   But I noticed there was a network within my network.

Found out that Sonos spearkers will communicate to one another through their own Sonos wifi.

Within the Sonos app, went to System\my Beam\under Products I have Beam\Connection, I had Enable wifi.   This was the issue.   It was creating a wifi network within the network and would constantly drop the connection.   The streaming apps were using this wifi connection for communicting to the Sonos Speakers.    

I disabled the wifi on this connection.    Now, remember this is my Beam so it was hardwired to my router.   So, I turned off the wifi on this and it disabled the Sonos wifi secondary network to all the sonos speakers.    

Once this was done, all the speakers worked on my network and not the Sonos secondary network within my network.   

*.    This solved the problem.   Since this change I have listened to music with no drops for hours and hours.   Hope this helps everyone.    

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The “wifi network within the network” is called Sonosnet. depending on your network this could indeed either be a help or a nuisance. In my case it's a help.

Hi 106rallye.    Thanks for the info.

i’ve researched and researched trying to fix these drops and over a year I haven’t heard anyone mention this network within the network sonosnet.    
and also to try disabling the wifi on only the hardwired beam not the one or one sl.  I came across this as a fluke.  
I’m over the top it worked and hope it helps others out there that are at their witts end with the music cutting out.