Trouble with Sonos Move

  • 15 July 2023
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My Sonos move started disconnecting from the network and I had to factory reset several times. The Arc and Five have been unaffected. Now Move will not even turn on. Have moved charger to different outlet with no change. The charging light goes on when you first put it charger then immediately turns off? 

Had it died? Just under three years old


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8 replies

The amber battery LED on the ‘Move’ speaker only ever lights up for about 10secs. when the speaker is first placed on its charger loop. It’s probably charging and operating correctly.

Note though it’s not good thing to keep ‘repeatedly’ factory resetting the speaker, there is more chance that will do more harm than good. I would only ever reset a Sonos device after speaking to/and on the advice of, Sonos Support Staff - that step is usually only done as a very last resort and from your description, it does sound more like you’re having an SSDP “device discovery" issue between your speaker on the local wireless network and your Sonos controller device.

I would perhaps leave the speaker on its charger for 30+ minutes and first see if it is actually connected to your router and has been assigned an IP address by the DHCP server.

I keep the speaker on the charger all the time. I left it off overnight then replaced it. It was on the charger a second night and still can not turn on. 

Did you try discharging the power-adapter/charger loop by unplugging that from the wall for about 5 minutes? When you power it back on, if you’re seeing the bottom amber battery LED show on the speaker for about 10 seconds, that usually means it’s charging. See what happens after you have discharged the power adapter and reconnected it back to the wall socket - Also check that the charger loop-contacts are connecting to the two rear contacts on the speaker.

I’ve tried most of that. Changed outlets charger was plugged into hoping it was a blown circuit breaker. Still nothing

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I’ve tried most of that. Changed outlets charger was plugged into hoping it was a blown circuit breaker. Still nothing

Contact Sonos Support. You may need a battery replacement:

Further attempts at Factory Reset are not productive. Battery failure is high on my list of likely failures. Not as high on my list is charger failure. You can try a substitute charger. In my opinion it would not be worth the trouble to purchase a charger specifically for this test.

If you are the DIY type and can measure voltage, check the power supply output.

Sorry to hear about the trouble with your Sonos Move. If changing outlets didn't help, reaching out to Sonos Support for a possible battery replacement seems like a solid next step. Hopefully, they can assist in getting your Move back in action!

Experiencing network disconnections and now a non-responsive Sonos Move is frustrating. Given its age, it's advisable to reach out to Sonos customer support; they may offer guidance on potential solutions or assess if it's eligible for any warranty or service options.