Sonos Connect system dropping out

  • 16 March 2024
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Ive recently connected my record player to my two Sonos Ones (Stereo Pair) with a Sonos Connect:Gen 2, and I’ve had to leave it set to the max latency (2000ms), as when I set it any lower, I’m experiencing massive dropouts, with just one speaker at a time and then both etc. They're very close in the same room, and I’m wondering if I need to buy a sonos boost or hardwire one of the components, or if I’m missing something. The stereo pair have no issue with other inputs, but clearly the Connect is still transmitting as the dropout only happens on one side. Setting to 2000ms latency fixes, but this is really annoying as it’s such a massive delay from the turntable.

3 replies

Maybe set the speakers to use a different WiFi channel - If not using already, select a non-overlapping channel in the 2.4Ghz band (channel 1, 6, or 11) and set a channel-width of 20Mhz only - set the TT line in audio to uncompressed to begin with, but consider using compression too, if you find that may work better for you… and reduce the audio delay to a lower setting.

On my own local network I was able to play TT line-in audio uncompressed with 75ms delay to several Sonos rooms, but I guess this can vary by the conditions/environment surrounding the local Home WiFi network.

You might also find this Sonos document helpful…


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WiFi interference could be the problem you’re experiencing.

It looks like there’s also an S2 software fault introduced last summer that means older Sonos device (like the Playbar and the Connect) will experience drop outs after having been turned on for a longer time. A restart should cure this temporarily. See 

Though I do not like the title of this thread, is does pont out the problem.