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  • 13 February 2023
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I have a SONOS system consisting of 4 Play:1 devices and a SONOS Boost device. These have all been working fine until I went from the typical WI-FI system on my modem, to a mesh system. I finally got the Play:1’s to work, but for some unknown reason, the boost will not connect. I have tried numerous times. After each attempt, It would say “Your mobile device couldn’t connect to your Boost. Make sure the Boost is connected to power”. I don’t know why it has to be so difficult! Everything is says to do is already being done!

I have tried so much, that I don’t even think this Boost is necessary anymore. I thought I needed it to boost the wifi signal to each device, but not sure anymore


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6 replies

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The Boost is used to create a Sonosnet network, if you have the Play 1’s connected directly to the WiFi network and all it good, you won’t need the boost.


Sonosnet is a different wireless network from your usual WiFi network.


Back in the day you needed a Boost or Bridge to create the Sonosnet, but then Sonos allowed one speaker to be connected to Ethernet, which then acted as the “bridge” between the WiFi network and the Sonosnet.


A few years ago Sonos seem to have steered users to use the speaker directly to WiFi and not use Sonosnet … unless there was a specific case that needed it.


if you have added a mesh system and all is working, I would not worry about getting the boost connected.


I was in exactly this situation and moving to mesh only improved my Sonos setup.

Thank you so much for that information! I will put the boost away!

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No worries, glad it helped 

Opening this thread again:)

So like above i have Sonos 1 and a mesh system.  Now it had been lags, and app have issues/ slow response. 


Decided to buy the latest Boost.


My question is. Does the Sonos speakers "move " automatically from the wifi mesh system over to the Boost system? Or what do I need to do/ how can i check? Make sure i get the best out of the system 


Thanks and have a nice weekend 

Generally, they move automatically. But occasionally, they have been known to require a nudge by rebooting the speaker. If you look at your system in the controller, a speaker connected to WiFi shows a WM:1 designation, a connection over SonosNet is WM:0.

Remember, not all Sonos speakers can use SonosNet, the Era series, the Roam, and Moves all require WiFi connections. However,  if you don’t have any of those, and are using SonosNet, feel free to remove the WiFi network information from your controller. 

I happen to use a mixed system, so some of my speakers are on SonosNet, and others on WiFi. I let them choose which signal they prefer, and don’t worry about it, they all talk to each other just fine. 

My own system uses the ISP’s Gateway WiFi, a separate WiFi mesh, and SonosNet wired and wireless units. This area is very congested with WiFi. Sometimes I can observe 70 close neighbors on a WiFi scan. Plus, there is a healthcare facility next door. It can be quite a mess. The SONOS units are free to choose any of my connections. From time to time I’ll notice that a unit or two will change their choices.