Sonos 1 suddenly not compatible with my system

  • 7 December 2023
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Doing normal connection from my Windows 7 and told that “Sonos 1 is not compatible with my system and I must update to Sonos2”     The update fails because my system is not compatible with Sonos 2, (which is why I have never upgraded).  Uninstalled everything and re-installed Sonos 1 from scratch.  On opening, it again tells me that “Sonos 1 is not compatible with my system ….”.  There is nowhere to go from here and no support available after 6:00pm in Queensland.  Is my system a write-off?

I am getting the same messages on my Android tablet and phone. 


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3 replies

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Hi @raymondfthomson, welcome to the Sonos Community!

I see you have a Playbar listed on your system as well, so you may still be able to solve this yourself. If the Playbar isn’t set up, get it running on the S1 app first. Once you’re connected to the Playbar, you can downgrade your Sonos One from S2 to S1 following our support article and using the Playbar as an ‘anchor’ of sorts.

If you’re not able to perform the downgrade yourself, or the Playbar you have is also on S2, then I would recommend reaching out to our support team to see what options they can provide to resolve this with you.

I hope this helps!

Hi Jamie. Thanks for your response.  I guess I have avoided Sonos S2 for many years because my system worked beautifully.  I was afraid the day would come when S1 was 'pulled'.  Anyway I finally got one of my Windows 7 PC'S to work  with S2, no idea how,  as well as an Android tablet and mobile.  The other Win7 machine refuses to load S2 simply saying that the system is not compatible.  Both Win7 systems are identical O/S.  For the one that refuses to work, Sonos will not connect to it's music library which is weird because they are all on the same network and the machines can exchange files in Windows applications. 

So I have a partially disabled system but limping along.  I would appreciate any thoughts.  I did look at the 'downgrade' option but decided to be brave and go with the S2.

Cheers.  Raymond. 

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A NAS for your music library might be a nice addition, I’d not get another WD Western Digital one after my past experience and what I’ve seen here.


If you have an old Raspberry Pi around they work well as a Sonos server, even a Zero.