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There may be some recourse with home owner insurance.

While this is a plausible explanation, there are other electronics plugged into the same suppressors without issue. I have not found similar power supply complaints from the those products. Admittedly, this is a process of elimination coupled with significant record of the same quality issue reported from other users. Unfortunately, plausibility does not equal truth. 

Most manufacturers tend to provide warranty cover on their products for one, or maybe two, years. Many of our electrical products here (not just Sonos) have that sort of period of cover, perhaps with one exception of our main LG TV, which came with a 5 year warranty.

I personally choose to cover my products outside their manufacturers warranty period with small appliance extended warranty insurance to help provide that extra peace of mind. It’s why that type of insurance-cover exists.

Reading your post it also sounds like the power-surge protection is the major thing that really failed in your particular case. That said I’m sorry for your loss, but I’m paying out for ‘extended warranty’ insurance cover, which I may never use (one hopes). C'est la Vie.

Often associated with power grid failures are very large, destructive voltage transients. A given unit can only withstand a certain level of transient energy. The transient energy could vary in your house outlets and some outlets might not have transmitted the same level of transient energy. Finally, transient protectors vary in quality and can fail due to previous transient hits — essentially the transient protector has sacrificed itself to protect equipment. Unfortunately, it requires very expensive test equipment and a trained operator to fully evaluate the quality and current condition of a surge suppressor.

The two surge suppressors that failed to protect their client should be replaced.