How to connect B&O Beocenter 2300 to 2 x Sonos Five ?

  • 25 February 2024
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Hi all


Can you please advise me on how to connect the Beocenter 2300 so that the output sound is via the 2 x Sonos Five set up as stereo pair?

Thank you in advance


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6 replies

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Without at least some info on the Beocenter 2300 (not many people have the specs of it at hand) it will be hard to help you. So a questions first does the Beocenter have an output for audio? Sometimes it will say “tape out” or “Zone 2” or such.

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If you have an output on that device you’d likely want a Stereo RCA male to Stereo 3.5 mm male cable.

Plug it into either Five and select the Line-In to listen to it.

Thank you for the answers folk.

Turn out it is quite easier then I thought. Just use the line in and set the pairs of Five on stereo pair. However I needed to add a ground isolator block to stop the buzzing noise. Works like a champ now !

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So the Beocenter has a line out?

Yup..beocenter 2300 has line out at bottom right corner. You only need 1 line in to one of the Sonos if they are stereo pair.

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You might try flipping one power plug, see if the hum stops. If not flip it back and try flipping another. Try flipping them all - BUT - only one at a time. That will find any single problem device that can be cured this way.