cant find the "more" button

  • 4 February 2024
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I  am trying to link my sonos one with google or alexa and can not get it to work.

Below is the latest message I  am getting.  Please can someone tell me where on the sonos app I find the “more" button or the settings button….. Update I have found the account settings, but can't see how to link speakers to my email address....


Register your speakers

You need to link speakers to your emailaddress Sonos account before you can add this skill.

Open the Sonos app on a mobile device, and go to More > Settings > Account Settings. (If you don't see Sonos Account, your Sonos system needs an update.)



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Ignore the “More”. Try Settings/Account. 

The whole option to link/register speakers is missing. Major bug, very annoying.

That suggests a software mismatch between your speakers and your controller. Have you checked for updates in your controller?  Have you called Sonos Support directly to discuss it?

The whole error message with hints to fix by Sonos is wrong.

There is no way to see linked speakers in the Sonos app under Settings - Account, at least not in the latest Android app from the Play Store.

You can see devices under Settings > System and under

On the website I can see my Beam Gen. 2 with date registered and serial number.

I have the same issue

I got it working again. I had changed the system name before (it was blank but I had filled something in). By changing it to Home (or in my case Huis as it is in Dutch) it worked again. I had read this on the Dutch thread of a similar issue