Apple Music can't connect to Airplay/Sonos One.

  • 28 January 2023
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Sonos One vs.  AirPlay.  😡

Can't play from my iPhone/Music App throught Airplay on our 1 Sonos One - the other 2 we have, works without problems.

Tried doing a reset, and it works, RIGHT until I play something from the Sonos app on my iPhone, then it won't work again!  Everything is updated, the iPhone, Apps and the Sonos speakers….. What to do??

“cannot connect to Køkken” ⤵️


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5 replies

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Hi @DavidDK, welcome to the Sonos Community!

Generally I would put this down to it being a network issue, and it still could be. However, since you have two other devices that Airplay without issue and your Sonos One will connect via Airplay but not play makes me thinks something else could be causing this.

I wouldn’t recommend any further resets of the Sonos One as we loose valuable diagnostics information that can help point us towards a solution.

In this case, I’d suggest reaching out to our support team directly for further assistance and live troubleshooting, as they have the tools necessary to resolve this with you.

I hope this helps!

I have a potentially related issue.

Until very recently, I could open Apple Music on my iPhone and select my Sonos setup from a list and play directly from iPhone to Sonos. It worked great.

All of a sudden, the Sonos system is not even listed in Apple Music to select.

I can open the Sonos App and play my Apple Music from there.

How do I get Apple Music to ‘see’ my Sonos set up again. Has using AM within the Sonos App caused the deletion of Sonos from AM.

My Sonos system works great esp movies and Atmos etc but this glitch is annoying. A web search would suggest I am not alone.  

I have a similar problem trying to play via Airplay while in the Apple Music app on my iPhone. It “sees” my Sonos speakers, but no sound will come out, then it will simply stop.

Hey @DavidDK , if when you call Sonos service, if the fix is just some steps you can take, would you mind posting the resolution here?

I have had a similar issue for the last 2 weeks. Everything worked fine from Apple Music on iPhone  as well as connecting from my AppleTV. Now my Sonos speakers don’t appear in Apple Music or on AppleTV. They do however appear on the Sonos app on iPhone and play with no problem.

would appreciate getting this resolved as I really miss the quality sound for TV. 

What did Sonos support say, when you submitted a diagnostic, and contacted them with the diagnostic number?