Update Sub Gen 2 failed.

  • 22 November 2023
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I just updated my system to S2 v15.1 and my Gen2 subwoofer failed (my Sonos1, Playbar, Amp2 all updated fine).  I tried resetting, reconnecting, rebootng and nothing worked.  I called tech support and they went thru the same steps, said it was likely a fault.  They cannot “see” the sub on their end and offered an RMA #.  Now I have to buy a new subwoofer “at a discount”, which will still cost me more than $600.    

Is there anything beside 1) restarting the sub (white flashing light doesn’t go green), resetting to factory default (orange/white flashing light doesn’t go green), rebooting by Boost, rebooting my router, that I can do on my end?


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3 replies

You could try wiring the PLAYBAR and the Sub directly to your router, assuming the Sub is bonded to the PLAYBAR, and skip the BOOST temporarily. But I wouldn’t hold out much hope there. The Sonos techs have more access to hard data than I do, and if they’re suggesting a failure, I’d be likely to agree with them. 

Unfortunately, you’ve reset it with a factory reset, which would normally complicate things a lot, one of the reasons it’s not recommended by most of us in the community. I think, if it shows up at all, you’d need to use the ‘add a device’ functionality in the controller. 

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it didn’t work, the sub isn’t bonded to the play bar. I love my Sonos system, but hate to shell out so much money every time there’s a failure or the speaker becomes obsolete.  Seems wrong that it failed during an update.

Then since you’ve already called Sonos Support directly, there has been some sort of very unusual failure in the device. I’m sorry this has happened to you, both of my Subs are still working without issue, which doesn’t help you at all. 

Updates are the most stressful time for a computer like Sonos. Electronic components that may not be normally used get exercised in order to update the firmware. If there is a failure there, it is when that failure will be exposed.