Sub Speaker Vibrating - Sounds Blown

  • 26 February 2017
  • 2 replies

Hi, Just bought a sub from someone and one of the speakers appears too be blown, pretty gutted as I had read that that was near impossible on these subs. Would I be able to buy a new speaker from Sonos? just looking for some options. I am considering opening it and seeing if it can be repaired, anyone have any advice on this please.

Thanks in advance from a very wet and cold Dubai

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2 replies

Couple of issues, if you'll allow me, not being a Sonos employee. 1) I'm not sure that the warranty extends to a second owner. Nor am I aware of how long it is overseas, although I could look it up for here in the States fairly quickly.

Were I you, I'd get in touch with the folks at Sonos by phone before opening up the unit. There's a slim, very slim possibility that they'd be able to get you some sort of discount, as long as you hadn't opened up the unit. Once you crack the case open, though, I'd say you had no chance whatsoever.

I'd look on their website under to see what the closest location for a phone call in location is, and try that first.

Cold and wet in Dubai? Huh. One area of the world I've not been to, but in my imagination it can't get that cold there. 10 degrees C? Hah, google tells me that it's 16 degrees. That's not cold :)

Good luck. Sorry you ended up with a bad unit.
I have the same issue. I play mistakes from lake street dive.. (cuz I heard it in the Bose store and feel good).