Streaming TV Sound over Sonos 1

  • 14 October 2016
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I have a modest setup of 2 sonos 1 speakers and a nice smart tv from Samsung. Now i know how to get sound from the TV running on sonos; either by buying Connect or a line in equiped sonos 5 or a playbar.

Thing is, all of these options are quite expensive and i rather want to try it out first and then do an investment second.

My tv however, being a smart tv, is hooked up to my homenetwork, and is in the same network as my sonos. Would it be possible to hook it up via the network?

Its a samsung TV.

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5 replies

Would it be possible to hook it up via the network?
Nope. You've identified the ways to get audio into Sonos.

By the way any network-based audio transmission to Sonos, even if it were possible, would probably make the TV unwatchable due to the inevitable network delay as a result of buffering.
I read somewhere that this is also the case when using a connect? also some modern tv's have functionality to delay display to run sync with sound but not sure if that works then
There would be a lag with the Connect, but this is the lag deliberately built into Sonos to enable perfect multiroom sync for music, which is what Sonos is designed for. Sonos only has one product that is designed for TV audio, and that is the Playbar.
Line-In via CONNECT etc incurs a 70ms delay though Sonos for similar reasons. That much buffering is necessary to maintain sync across grouped players.

It's interesting that modern TVs are capable of delaying the picture, if that's what you're suggesting. The memory required could be quite significant if the delay is substantial.
It is, but im not sure if its up to 70ms, might only be effective changing sync issues some people have when using external decoders. Anyway, i know enough now to realize the best option for tv sound on sonos is a playbar, i would love to test a connect and the delay but its quite tricky to spend the amount of cash on it.

Thanks for all of your input and answers