Sonos: unable to browse music with spotify

I am unable to browse music with spotify on my sonos. 

Tried the usual reset actions:
reset modem connection, reset bridge, remove and re-authorize spotify account.

Nothing helps. In the past resetting would make a difference. Actually quite amazed how unstable the sonos / spotify integration is.

Please how a look at my issue. Diagnostic support ticket: 3910512

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Same here - very frustrating, You sound like my IT at work "re-boot the system" or how the hell am I going to change my router's channel. I'm just going to stop using spotify but to be fair there is not a lot of options for music streaming. really disappointed. 
me as well - working fine on Christmas eve but had continual problems since yesterday
same for me. worked fine until a couple of days ago now just says "unable to browse music". tried on 3 different devices. reauthorized my spotify account. spotify works ok on its own
Dear Sonos, We have made an investment in your technology, an quite large investment equating to over £1000. That level of investment needs to come with trust: trust that the equipment will work, not just the hardware we have purchased, but the back-end services that glue it all together. As a software engineer, I'm puzzled as to why use of Spotify is dependent on servers you run, and not just Spotify, but given that it is, and the availability of cloud computing platforms, which allow for an illusion of infinite capacity, having unreliable services that fall over with Christmas and BoxingDay demand is unacceptable. I'd like to know how you are going to recompense me, and the other users that have been unable to play music over Christmas: arguably the time at which we want it most. I was considering extending the sonos equipment : home theatre with a soundbar, sub and a couple of Play:1's but I now expect it to fail in the middle of a movie, so I think I see a more traditional system in my future. Regards Andrew
Exactly the same problem here in The Netherlands. Must be a sonos problem because spotify app works fine. Getting tired of sonos/ spotify problems.
Im having exactly the same problem in the channel islands! So annoying!!! Sonos need to sort this out ASAP
me as well - working fine on Christmas eve but had continual problems since yesterday
Me too
take the opportunity to try some of the free Radio stations...there's Christmas only ones and every type of genre you can think of--some playing continuous music.
Not really good enough when i pay for Spotify Premium and have a very expensive speaker system that will only allow me to listen to the free radio stations currently ! Spotify works perfectly, Sonos is not !
Yup, adding my name to the list of all those who bothered to find this forum. Spotify through Sonos failed on Christmas morning. Spotify working fine directly on iPad/Macbook, etc., but unable to browse via Sonos. Very disappointing and still can't play music over this Christmas holiday. Tried rebooting everything, reauthorising, and all that jazz -nowt, nada, klum, zilch... 
Same problem here (Netherlands). Apparently re-authorisation and other suggested fixes don't work, so I will wait for an official Sonos solution and successful feedback from some users (I'm not the most technical guy)
So disappointed with my Sonos system! I can't use my spotify account either. It is Christmas - please can you techi guys at Sonos please resolve this ASAP.
Same problem...
Stopped working again - very disappointed!
None of the recommended solutions work for me so I guess we just wait again for Sonos to accept that they have a problem Again! and sort it out! Merry xmas everybody!!!!!!!!
Same issue as well, this is very frustrating!
Exactly the same issue here. (Netherlands) Never had this issue before.
Same here in Sweden, worked just fine yesterday, today not. I've had this problem from time to time, and to me it seems like a capacity problem from sonos as spotify itself works just fine. When are sonos going to solve this problem once and for all?
If there is a problem with the Sonos Spotify integration then please just let us know and confirm a fix is being worked on. Users shouldn't be wasting time rebooting their routers if the problem lies with the Sonos/Spotify integration.
Exactly same problem as you all.  Worked fine on Christmas Eve then boom - no Spotify Premium all XMAS! Just not good enough Sonos. You need to fix this! 
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This is so annoying i don't even even have the play 5 24 hours and i already want to get rid of it... 😞
I live in Sweden and have had the same problem for about 6 hours. There should be some form of indication in the app when there is an error on your end Sonos. Quite argous to go through 5-10 different diagnostic-steps only to find out that you have a problem. I love the Sonos application and the system but should it really be this faulty when we pay such a premium to only use your equipment? (This was the drop that tipped the scale and got me to comment, in my last year we probably have had around 10 such moments where we cursed at the system).

Hope you can sort it out swiftly. Merry Christmas
I'm having the same problem here. Very frustrating we are relying on thus to work and it is becoming very unreliable. Please please fix the problem.
Exactly the same issue here. (Netherlands) Never had this issue before.
Same problem for me, also in NL. Reauthorization of Spotify in Sonos works but does NOT solve the problem. Spotify is working fine, but NOT via Sonos. Please solve!
Exactly the same issue here. (Netherlands) Never had this issue before.
The sonos spotify connection is BACK!