Sonos One Microphone Light

  • 22 January 2018
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34 replies

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Hi unclechuck, I know lights in the bedroom will keep some people up, they sure do for me. However, the microphone light on the Sonos One is purposely always on as a security and privacy measure. The intent is that you'll always know when the microphone is on. No amount of software updates will prevent the light from being on while the microphone is receiving power, the two are physically linked.

If the light's keeping you up and you don't mind not knowing the status of the microphone, the best thing you can do is either to turn off the microphone or cover the LED.
SONOS are you kidding me? I just purchased a pair of Ones for my bedroom and I am not able to turn off the light? I like the lights to be off when I sleep and the best advice in the forum is to use duct tape. This is a huge design flaw and enough to make we want to return these otherwise completely awesome speakers. Sonos can you please please please provide a software update ETA, please. 😠
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I've gone with a felt adhesive sticker used to protect wooden floors from scratches. Not the prettiest option but works a treat and I had some anyway. Thanks everyone.
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I guess you could use a dot of correction fluid over the light for that matter. It would scratch off if ever needed to remove.
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I'm using the white tape from our Brother P-Touch label maker. Either a square or a hole-punch circle depending on what looks best. Easy to apply and removes with no sticky left behind.

I have a pack of multi colored rolls of electrical tape that I was using but the P-Touch tape is far more attractive and attracts less dirt around the edges so I use it most of the time now.
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Or a white electrical tape and use a hole punch to make a nice little round white sticker.

I have six Sonos One’s all with light dims attached 😃
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Duct Tape

Does anyone know if you can turn the Sonos One microphone light off? I'd like to do this without disabling the microphone. I have this in the bedroom and would rather there wasn't a light showing when I'm trying to sleep.

I know you can turn off the LED light in the settings but there doesn't seem to be an option for the microphone light.

If I have to disable the microphone, I'll be doing this every night and then turning it back on in the morning.


No. Sonos hardwired the LED to the microphones because they want users to be sure that when the light is off, the microphone is also off, and vice versa. The paranoia over privacy issues seem to outweigh the people who don't like lights shining in their sleeping areas.
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Sorry but no it cannot be turned off.

I use these on mine... I have black, white and silver ones for pretty much every device in the house.