Play 1 speakers cut in and out intermittently during music playback

  • 14 May 2017
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When playing music (library, pandora, any of them) the music cuts out of the (2) Play 1 speakers for a few seconds at random time - and then comes back on after approx. 5 seconds. Playbar and subwoofer continue to play. (Same situation used to happen in my truck when the amp got too hot - the subwoofers would kick off for a few seconds)

Speakers are located on tables beside couch with plenty of airflow, etc.

Its becoming extremely annoying - any help would be appreciated.

Thanks from Sonos in Texas !!

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7 replies

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Likely be network issues or wireless interference.

Can you tell us more about your system? Is it a Standard set-up (i.e. connected to your wi-fi without wire or with a Sonos unit, Bridge or Boost wired to your router
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Absolutely - I'm using our basic home wifi with a boost to support our playbar, subwoofer, and (2) Play 1 speakers on either side of the couch.

How would I address a Network or wireless interference issue ?
Hey @Sonos in Texas. Did you get an answer/resolution to this? We have the same problem.
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Unfortunately not
That's rubbish then 😞
You might get more traction if you were to submit a system diagnostic and post the number here. That would provide the folks from Sonos some data from your system that would likely help them identify your issue, rather than depending on us interpreting what you've said.
Hi Sonos in Texas, glad you reached out to the Community.

Airgetlam posted a link for the diagnostic instructions. Just post the returned confirmation code number and we'll be able to delve deeper into this.