Need to power off?

  • 22 November 2016
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Hi - Just got my first Sonos speakers and now going away for several weeks. Not sure if it is desirable or even necessary to power off the Sonos speakers (as I do with my computer, for example) while away. Would welcome any guidance. Thanks

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9 replies

Sonos speakers are designed to be on 24/7, but if I were going away for several weeks I would unplug them. You shouldn't lose any playlists etc just by powering down. As a risk averse person I would leave as little electrical equipment plugged in as possible if I were away for several weeks.
Thanks. Good guidance. Now a possibly silly question - if I unplug them, will I need to reconfigure the settings etc. when I plug back in, or will they just start right back up & be ready to go?
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No, they will just work again a minute or two after powering up.
Thank you
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Sonos has a KB article listing average idle power consumption for their various devices:

The short of it is that they are akin to running an LED light bulb when idle.
I'm with John B on this. If I was leaving the house for several days, never mind weeks, I'd want to minimise the amount of electrics left on.

Would you also turn off your router? Or refrigerator? I'm truly curious, not being snarky. I tend to turn off several devices when I travel, but not everything. Perhaps I should be rethinking that.
Obviously not the fridge or freezer. But if the router is not required then, yes, that would go off too. (I should say that there's a fair bit more infrastructure-wise than just the main router.)
Yep, I take your point. I've always done the odd devices, but never the network before. Thanks for the input, much appreciated. Perhaps next time I'm shipped overseas for 2 or 3 months, I can save a tad more on the electrical bills.