My Sonos died tonight

  • 31 March 2017
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Funny story.
We were having guests over for dinner and I was real excited to show off my new stereo system which consists of two play 5's.

Then a nasty idea crept into my mind.
Sonos will surely fail tonight since it has performed flawlessly from day one, because I'm gonna be showing it off.

I start cooking and my wife puts on some music using her iPhone as a controller.

No problem there.

After dinner I'm showing my friend the system and grab my iPhone to change the music.

Tada!!! Can't find any speakers.
Hmmm ok don't panic, I think to my self, just kill the app and restart it on your phone.

But still no speakers. I send a diagnostic report and as I'm doing that I think, fudge it I'll just restart the phone before I do anything else.

I restart the phone and bam all is good again.

Maby this may be of help to someone who finds him or her self in similar situations.

Everything was ok but my phone just needed a restart.
Remember that the device used to control the system is also a link in the chain.


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6 replies

The next time, you may not escape so easily! For over two years after I moved to Sonos, I made sure I had one set up that was the legacy wired kind, as back up for times like occasions and parties in case Murphy's Law was to show its nasty face. It is only in the last couple of years, having eliminated the root causes of glitches is my set up robust enough to the extent of not needing any such safety nets.
For what it is worth, and as I remember, the things I have done:
1. Vertical separation of three feet between router and Boost.
2. Bought the Boost.
3. Wireless channel 1 and 11 for WiFi and Sonos.
4. IP address reservation for all units including controller hosts.
5. Use of a NAS wired to Time Capsule - as opposed to Time Capsule internal HDD or USB wired hard disc drive - for local music.
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I can hardwire one play 5 to the router and still have about 3-4 feet between them horizontally and about three feet vertically.

This should eliminate the need for boost, right ?
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Hey Geiri,

Another item that could have been affecting your connectivity to the system on your iPhone.

The iPhone has this somewhat problematic function called "wi-fi assist" where the phone will supplement communication over wifi with cellular data use if it perceives there is any challenge or delay on the wifi. (I personally don't like that because I want to use cellular data when I know I'm using cellular data and not think I'm using wifi data while unknowingly wracking up a cellular bill... but I guess that is beside the point and I digress 🙂 )

Wi-fi assist can obviously help when accessing external / internet-based resources, but cannot help access resources on the local wifi network and if your phone was using cellular, would not have found the local system. I would shut off wifi assist and you may eliminate one source of challenge as to why your phone may not be finding the local Sonos system.

To do so: Settings icon, ... cellular data... scroll way to the bottom and slide the slider to shut of wi-fi Assist
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Thanks, as it turned out, wifi assist was on.