Linking my sound system to sonos wireless speaker

  • 19 December 2013
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So my home system is currently set up with a wireless router downstairs and a sound system upstairs.  My sound system is basically a Yamaha amplifier with various speakers and other audio visual equipment connected to it as well as a laptop with all my Itunes music on it.  
I can access my itunes music library on my laptop through my smartphone or ipad (via wi-fi) from anywhere around the house and also control the volume through this however to enjoy music downstairs or in the bedrooms I have to put up the volume in the living room considerably and still not giving the desired effect therefore I ask:
Would it be possible to link a SONOS speaker to this type of system so that I can transmit music either directly from my amp to the wireless speakers so that wherever I place the speaker around the house it will play the same music that is playing on my sound system without me needing to raise the volume too high in the living room?  
Alternatively would it be possible to link the wireless speakers to pick up the music playing on my laptop and thus transmit the same music playing on my laptop which is feeding the sound system and end up with the same music being played anywhere I like around the house (I would imagine the sound emitted from the wireless speakers in this case would be very low since it wouldn't be going through the amp?
Finally would I also be able to link 2 SONOS speakers to this system?

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16 replies

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Yes, what you'll want to do first is to get a Sonos BRIDGE and connect it to your router.  This will create the Sonos wireless network in your home.

Next, you'll hook up the Players.  For the Yamaha, you'll use the CONNECT component Player.  The CONNECT will power the Yamaha but you can also send the signal from the amplifier through Sonos and play it on the other players in your house.

Last step is picking which other rooms you want to have Sonos playing in.  For simple expansion, our all-in-one players like the PLAY:1 are best.
Hmmm.  I have the same question, but your solution is not clear.  Which connections are used from the Connect to the Amp to get the same music on Sonos into the conventional amp?
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Hmmm.  I have the same question, but your solution is not clear.  Which connections are used from the Connect to the Amp to get the same music on Sonos into the conventional amp?

You'll hook up the CONNECT into a line-in on the receiver and then switch to that source.  The CONNECT has both digital and analog connection so just find an available input on your receiver.
Hmmm.  I have the same question, but your solution is not clear.  Which connections are used from the Connect to the Amp to get the same music on Sonos into the conventional amp?

I have plenty of line-in capability on my amplifier, but what am I coming out of on the Connect?  My only outward options are: amplified speaker out (that isn't going to work), ethernet - I have an ethernet port on my amp - or subwoofer.  Is it the subwoofer that connects out with a full analogue signal via a standard 3.5mm jack?
Thanks, Rick
Hmmm.  I have the same question, but your solution is not clear.  Which connections are used from the Connect to the Amp to get the same music on Sonos into the conventional amp?

Sorry, I still don't get it.  I don't think I can link the already amplified analogue speaker connections to my amp.  How do I get my Sonos stream through my standard amp as well as to my play 5?
Hi Rick. I think you need to let Sonos take centre stage rather than thinking of it as a means of passing on music that's playing on your amplifier. The set-up that would seem to give you what you want is: 1. Bridge connected to your router. This will "broadcast" music to your system from a range of sources, including music stored on your computer, smartphone, internet streaming etc 2. Sonos Connect into your amplifier - this turns your existing amp and speakers into a Sonos player. It picks up the wireless stream from the Bridge and sends it into your amp 3. Ali-in-one Sonos speakers (Play:1, Play:3 or Play:5) in whichever other rooms you want music. They also pick up stream from the Bridge 4. Free controller app on computer, phone or tablet to control where your music plays - through your existing system only, or through the Sonos speakers only, or any combination you like, perfectly synchronised. I hope that helps to clarify things. John, Canford Cliffs Audio
Some further info that may also help.... 1. The music stream sent out by the Bridge is in digital format 2. The Sonos all-in-one players (Play:1, Play:3, Play:5) all contain: (i) the wireless technology needed to receive the stream from the Bridge; (ii) a Digital Analogue Converter (DAC) to decode the digital stream back to music you can listen to; (iii) amplifiers: (iv) speaker drivers 3. The Sonos Connect has just the wireless technology and the DAC. To connect it to an amplifier most people will take the analogue (RCA stereo) connection out from the Connect into the amp. However, the Connect also has digital outputs that you can choose to use if your amplifier has a built-in DAC, or if you have a stand-alone DAC in your hi-fi system. John, Canford Cliffs Audio
i thought if you had the connect ... you didn't need the bridge because it is also capable of creating the sonos network
Hi Hans. The Connect, like all Sonos components, is capable of acting as the "bridge". But you need to have at least one component connected by Ethernet to your home network. If you want music in the room where your router is located, or you have a fully wired home network, then yes, you can do without a Sonos Bridge. But having a Connect does not in itself do away with the need for a Bridge. The "Bridge" in my description could be a Bridge or any wired Sonos component performing the function of a bridge John, Canford Cliffs Audio.
Minor possible correction to my previous post - I don't believe the Sub can be used as a bridge.
I have a similar situation to some of the other posters. I don't want to let Sonos take centre stage because it doesn't fit my requirements. Every morning I have internet radio come on automatically as I wake up, and also have reminders programmed for a couple of things. This is all controlled from my laptop. This, and several other devices are connected to my amp. I want to be able to transmit whatever's going to the amplifier to wireless speakers around the house so that I can hear music or radio (esp. radio in the morning) without annoying all the neighbours. My amp needs to continue being the audio source. As I understand it, Sonos can take input from a source (say, the amp), and transmit it to Sonos speakers. Correct?
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Use an analogue out from your receiver to the analogue input on the Sonos Connect.

Then connect the optical out on the Sonos to an optical input on your receiver (this assures the DAC on the Sonos is bypassed).

Now you can stream from any source connected to the receiver but also stream from your Sonos Controller to your receiver and whatever speakers are connected.
Hello, I own a yamaha receiver and one sonos play1 (thinking of adding more)...I understand that with a sonos connect I will be able to transmit music from my sonos to my yamaha system, but I more interested in the the question is: Will I be able to transmit audio from my yamaha (for example what i play there with airplay) to the sonos speakers in other rooms?
Since connect is a rather expensive addition I would appreciate a certain answer
If you have an analog audio out, like a tape monitor or similar, on the Yamaha, it will work. Though tape monitor outputs are getting rarer these days.
I have Yamaha Rx-v477...if you can google it you could see the has an av analog out for question is since sonos advertises this : "Stream your CDs and LPs to Sonos speakers in other rooms..." why is it difficult to happen? It should be out of the is supposed to be one of the five things you buy this thing right? I just see people talking for the opposite and was wandering cause i am really interested in reproducing whats the yamaha playing to the sonos
I have a 5 Disc CD Player and complementary Technics amplifier that I use for most of my music. I am looking to upgrade the speaker system around the living room, as it currently plays from only two little speakers. I also like to stream music from my iTunes library though.

I would like to set up an all-in-one home entertainment system. I think I understand that the Sonos CONNECT can be plugged into my amplifier so that I can now stream my iTunes music into the amp and, thereby, the two little wired speakers I have connected to it. Is that correct?

However, my WiFi router is downstairs so I would need a bridge/boost to be plugged into it down there so that the CONNECT can stay plugged into my amplifier up in the living room. Continue to correct me if I am wrong, please :)

To complicate the issue, I would like to enhance my listening experience by adding more speakers. Can I buy SONOS speakers (e.g. Plays 1s or Play 3s) that wirelessly connect to the Sonosnet and will play the music I play from my amplifier (i.e. from the CD player)? Will the amplifier's input now play from BOTH the wired speakers I already have as well as the wireless Sonos speakers I intend to buy? Is that what the Sonos CONNECT enables me to do?

One last issue: I said an all-in-one entertainment system because I would like to involve my TV as well, which currently plays from a simple SHARP soundbar. My dream is to turn that into a 5.1 surround sound system. But one thing at a time. Can I somehow conect my TV audio (with or without the soundbar) to my amplifier so that my TV's audio now plays through those two wired speakers and any Sonos speakers (Play 1/3) I install all together?

With the boost/bridge in place by my router, the Sonos CONNECT attacehd to my amplifier and my TV connected to my amplifier as well, can I play CDs, stream music and watch TV with the audio all playing through the same sound system: the existing wired speakers and any combination of Sonos wireless speakers I wish to add?????

That's my ideal. If there are mistakes in my assumptions or limitations to the technology, would you please tell me how I can achieve a similar setup in reality?

Thank you so very much.