Keep the group after a power loss

  • 12 September 2014
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Am trying to setup a system to go in a lobby - won't have a laptop or phone to control and no internet access. The hardware will be a connect w/o amp, 1 play:5 and 2 play:3. The music source will be line in via the play:5 and the play:3's will be grouped so music plays on all speakers. I've got just about everything figured out except how to have a speaker lose power and then reconnect to the group when power is restored? What am I missing?

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5 replies

I agree that a way for groups to persist across power failures is overdue.
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There isn't currently a way to maintain group settings after a power outage. You can use any controller iOS, Android, Windows PC, or Mac to make a group if an outage occurs.

We've heard the request before and have a page for this on our ideas page here. Please feel free to add your +1 and follow it to get feedback if there's any news on the topic.
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"We've heard the request before and have a page for this on our ideas page here."

I'm sorry, but you need an "idea" request in order to fix this obviously poor design? I don't have to log my phone back into my wifi every time it powers down or goes out of range because DUH.
But instead of fixing stuff Sonos sends you spam e-mails with content like "Hey, did you know that you can set a sleep timer. Supercool feature we invented!" and useless crap like that. (And this supercool sleep timer only works with a few preset durations, no manual setting if you want it to play for 2.5h or something like that. No slow fade out, it more or less just shuts off. Hightech...)
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You can't even have the alarm just carry on playing whatever you were listening to previously (rather like a 'normal' alarm). You have to select a source and you WILL lose your queue (something most Sonos users 'treasure') unless you save it beforehand..