Is it possible to connect a sonos loudspeaker directly to a laptop (through wires)? Thanks.

  • 18 November 2013
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I would like to play my sonos loudspeakers in my basement where I don't have any Ethernet. Can I connect one of my loudspeakers to my laptop and listen the music stored on my laptop?

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28 replies

Ok, so I connected my PLAY 1 direct to my ethernet cable. It showed it was connected to the IP, however I could not open up the sonos controller app on my macbook with no wifi to play the music I have locally stored on my mac? Can you explain exactly how to control and play the music stored locally when wifi is not available and I have my macbook direct connected via ethernet to the PLAY 1?

Thank you!!
I want to connect my Play 5 to my desktop and stream you tube from the desktop can this be done through ethernet or is the only way through the 3.5mm line in jack?
I cannot get the SWYH app to work as it crashes all the time.
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The only way in for your computer sound to play on your Play 5 is via the line-in. What your ways out are - well that would depend