how many play1's can I connect to my playbar...?


So i'm getting a playbar soon and i want to connect my existing and new Play1's to the playbar. From reading online it would appear i can connect two providing i use a bridge however im keen to know if I can connect more than the two and if so is it the same process?

Also, can i connect Play 3 or 5's to my playbar. thinking of buying some with the playbar and unsure if i should stay with P1's


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For music there'd be no delay, and the group would play in sync. However a single PLAY:3 would have its channels the wrong way round. Its left would be on your right since it's positioned behind you. All in all, it would not work well.

As for the PLAYBAR it plays in stereo. L from the left, R from the right, and a combination of the two from the centre. The tweeters on the end in particular would each render their specific channel.

I see what you're saying, I guess the question would be, would I even notice it on a speaker like the play three where the two speaker channels are so close together. The way my house is setup, my kitchen is semi-separated from the main room, so I would be looking to fill the entire area with sound for things like holidays or parties, not sure much to create a cohesive sound for someone sitting in the middle of the room.
I have the standard setup with a playbar, sub and two play 1s in a room 8x5m - more than fills the room. The only other option I would consider would be to replace the play 1s with 3s - in a bigger room that is.
I have the Sonos Playbar, Sub and 2 x PLAY:1
Now, the Playbar and sub are connected to my TV in my bedroom. The first Play:1 is in my bathroom, the other Play:1 is also in my Bedroom. I tried to group my 'Bedroom Play:1' with my Playbar + Sub. The problem I encountered (also mentioned in the comments) is that if I play some music/movie on my tv, the Play:1 (which I grouped with the Playbar + SUB) has a very noticeable delay. Especially when I'm listening to music with a beat, the beat comes with an echo. That could be that 70ms delay mentioned in this thread before.

Anyone an idea of how I can get rid of the delay?

The reason I only connected 1 of the Play:1 speakers is because I just wanted to play my music louder. I'm currently waiting to buy additional Play:1's or 3's.

I think Sonos should make something so that I can easily disconnect my Play:1's from the 5.1 surround setup so I can move it to my bathroom at any time. Like the ability to simply switch between using the Play:1 for 'room X' or for the surround setup.
I have a related question - Just got setup with a Playbar+SUB+2x Play3

I understand that the playbar only processes 5.1 (not 7.1), but could I add two additional Play1s to act as additional FrontL and FrontR speakers? I know the playbar would be playing the same thing in 2 of its 3 channels (in addition to Center), but I have a wider room that Id like to get the Front L/R channels more loudly distributed.

Example Setup:

Front L________Front L___Center___Front R_________Front R
Play 1_________[========PLAYBAR=======]__________Play 1

Rear L__________________________________________Rear R
Play 3___________________________________________Play 3
This won't work. The PLAY:1 pair would have to be grouped with the PLAYBAR (not bonded). Whilst they'd play in sync for music, they won't for TV. This is because PLAYBAR (+ satellites) aims to minimise latency to preserve lip-sync.

Grouped players require more network buffering to avoid dropouts, hence they'd audibly lag behind the PLAYBAR. It is possible to delay the PLAYBAR's own audio, but then you'd just damage lip-sync for all the speakers.