1 Play5 vs pair of Play 1s

  • 30 October 2013
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30 replies

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Sonos is far away from HiFi. It's about convenience.
Sonos is far away from HiFi.
It depends on your definition. A ZP80/90/CONNECT can deliver a bit-perfect lossless stream that's just as 'HiFi' as the best of the CD players, perhaps even better given the absence of real-time error correction.
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Sonos is far away from HiFi...

Rubbish! Don't agree at all. Maybe Sonos does not conform to the audiophile's aspiration, but I listened to some organ music the other day with the volume turned up and I can't believe anyone really needs quality that is very much better! This was on a CONNECT:AMP/ZP120 feeding into a pair of Mission M30s, but with the added benefit of a Sonos SUB. Wonderful. Rich bass and crisp treble notes that made the hairs on my neck tingle.

I discovered later that my neighbour in the other half of this house had visitors at the time. Sure hope they enjoyed Bach and Widor!
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Got a pair of play ones, love the stereo separation and find the bass realy good, plenty loud enough for me and my neighbours..
my experience is that for casual music listening a single play 1 is plenty loud and sounds good for even a large size room.