Fraudulent Websites Claiming to Offer Sonos Deals

We're encouraging everyone to prioritize purchasing Sonos products from or trusted retailers this holiday season and to use an extra dose of skepticism when considering purchases from unfamiliar websites. We are also sold through a wide range of dealers and Sonos installers around the world, you can find a local store near you here. We've noticed an increasing number of fraudulent websites claiming to be sellers of Sonos and offering steep discounts on Sonos products. 

Fraudulent websites are not affiliated with Sonos and while we make every effort to report them as we discover them, they often operate in regions in which legal recourse may be limited. Sonos has no way to protect any personal information shared with these websites so use caution and when in doubt, do not make a purchase until you can verify that the site is legitimate.

Above all, keep in mind that if a deal seems to be too good to be true, it probably is. For any site that appears suspect, we suggest you check its reputation via search engines, and if you are still concerned about a website's veracity, contact Sonos to verify that they're an approved reseller of Sonos products. Even if a site passes HTTPS verification and shows as 'secure' in your browser, it doesn't necessarily mean it should be trusted if the deal itself seems suspect.



Knock-off a copy of the Sonos website to a server in Nowhereistan $200, server rental $20 per month, domain $20, HTTPS certificate that matches the domain $100. Kid to pick up the cash from Western Union, couple bucks a day.

Sounds like a plan, snare a couple folks and you break even, more and Christmas will be very nice!
Just had this one sent to me by a colleague asking if it's real... A nice way to loose your credentials to scammers, and probably a chunk of money!

[96% off Surround bundle PLAYBASE, SUB, Play:1] – I hear the alarm bells ringing "Too good beyond belief" over such offerings.

The holiday season is upon us again and I’d like to remind everyone to be careful of where you purchase Sonos. Please be cautious and cognizant of what you’re getting when purchasing through unofficial and second hand stores.

Remember, if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.